My experience with the volleyball statistics - First Version (v1)

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First version (v1) - Working with our setter.

In the first version I was based on analyzing our setter, it was the position that we had more complicated, since we only had a specific player and without an analysis of the game trained, ie without having trained the ability to decide the best option for your team at all times.

To do this I began to measure two aspects:

  • Game distribution:
    Zona – Placement setting zone
    % - Percentage setting distribution

In this example it was the total of an easy match in which it was won 3-0, the premise that was entrusted to the setter was to play by zone center as much as possible and for it we measured it with the following table.

  • Distribution of the game according to the quality of the reception:
    Reception - Refers to the quality of the reception:
  1. Bad reception that does not allow play
  2. Bad reception allowing play by the wings with very high ball.
  3. Average reception inside the front zone that allows for "comfortable wing play".
  4. Perfect reception that allows play in the center zone.

We mark as objective that the greater numbers in quality 4 are for zone 3 (marked in green) and in quality 3 are for the wings (zones 2 and 4).

As we can see the setter of our team met its objectives.

Analysis of objectives with the player:
The training after the match I dedicated 5 minutes of training to analyze these data with the setter, first letting the player give me his impressions about whether or not he achieved the objectives and then seeing the data we took from the match itself.

The result was positive and the player understood the message, from this moment is much simpler the analysis of each of the games, so I thought to improve the statistics program and see other aspects of the team that may be interesting:

  • Reception
  • Defense
  • Block
  • Attack
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