Kanu Nwankwo speaks on Abraham and Fikayo's decision to accept England call up

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Former Super Eagles Captain and football legend, Mr Kanu Nwankwo, has reacted over the ongoing issues resulting from the acceptance of England Call-Up by the duo of Chelsea's Abraham and Tomori.

This follows the news of the publication of the squad list by England National Football Team for the upcoming European Championship qualifiers game. Accordinto the list, England will slug it out against Czech Republic and Bulgaria. However, named in the squad included Tammy Abraham and Fikayo, both of whom Nigerians have been canvassing to play for Nigeria. Their invitation by England has effectively excluded them from playing for Nigeria, thus eliciting negative reactions from different quarters in Nigeria most of who were of the opinion that the players should have pledged their allegiance to their home country — Nigeria.

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Among those who reacted against this is the former Super Eagles Legend, Kanu Nwankwo. In his words:

"Our problem is whenever someone start doing well, we start chasing them which is not bad because other countries do that. I feel we don't need to force people to play for the country because Nigeria is Bigger than any player. We have quality players everywhere, so we can't continue to beg one player to play for us. Nigeria cannot Beg, players have to beg Nigeria". source

In my opinion, I think the former Super Eagles player is right. Nigeria is a country of more than 200 million people. Their is undiscovered enough talents in different part of the country to do Nigeria proud. So, I don't know why we should be crying over just two players out of thousands of others that are even better than these two individuals. Things like this accord such folks undue feeling of importance and proud.

The onus lies on the managers of Nigeria Football to go round the country and discover this hidden talents. And stop according non-worthy players undue importance.

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Very very true, i also agree. The Super Eagles team is bigger than any one player and they need to stop chasing around and begging players to come play for the country like if they don't play the country won't do well in competitions. Its annoying at times.