Turkey in shock: Player killed his own son

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Turkey are appalled at the horrific crime of Bursa Yildirimspor player Cevher Toktas. The 32-year-old footballer has admitted the killing of his own son who allegedly passed away on April 23 due to the corona virus. Tokta's son was sent to the hospital with high fever, breathing problems and other related corona symptoms. That's what AS writes.

A few days later Toktas reported himself to the local police, admitting the killing of his son. He further explained that there had been no corona motif and the motive instead was a lack of love for the son.

I held a pillow down on his head for 15 minutes, and afterwards I called the doctor so they would not suspect. I didn't love him - not even when he was born, and I can't explain why. I have no mental problems, Toktas told the local police.

Toktas played in the Turkish Super Lig from 2007 to 2009> He will probably be sentenced to life in prison on top of the tragic incident.

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So messed up... I wish he had just give the boy away instead.

Yeah! There are many childless people in this world who would have loved him so dearly.