Ganguly gave statement on Rishabh Pant said Pant will become a star....

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In a recent interview with BCCI President Saurav Ganguly, Ganguly said that, Rishabh Pant is going to become a star one day. Even Mahendra Singh dhoni got 15 years to come in form.

He also said that, T20 cricket is about playing with freedom. There are just 20 overs and its about hitting all the time.

There is to be a sense of playing cricket without any fear. When he was the captain in the year 2000, it was very important thing to install in the team, that don't walk on to the cricket ground thinking that you are playing for your place.

He says that it doesn't help anyone. It puts behind the best players in the world. Whatever ability you have, but if you play with the fear, if I don't perform I will lose my place, you will never be a good team.

That sort of environment needs to be created in this that go and play with freedom. Everybody will not perform everyday and the day you perform, you win cricket matches.

Rishabh Pant is getting pressure if he is not performing well, and everyone calls for Dhoni when he does some mistake.

Ganguly said that, it is good for Pant to play under pressure, he must get used to it and the pressure is good for him. Let him go through it and let him find his own way to succeed, he said.


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