200k SPORTS staked on both my accounts, and reflections on the SportsTalk journey so far

in sportstalk •  last year 

It's only been a few weeks since SportsTalk first launched. I remember the excitement when we first started. The incredible numbers we were getting on our votes with only 10 SPORTS staked. Then we had a few people exploiting the system and that slowed down the momentum the community was gathering. But all credit to @patrickulrich, who rectified the issues and made the economics of the system balanced again.

Fast forward to today. The community is thriving. The quality of the content is improving, and we have partner tribes @activifit and @zzang join, along with SportsTube and new content creators sign up. It's developing into a community that has the potential to attract sports fans from around the world. All we need in my opinion is more gamification, sports tipping and fantasy sports, and utility for the SPORTS token, then we will become an even more appealing community for sports-lovers to join.

The SportsTalk Tribe is one of my favorite SCOT projects, and that is why I have now staked 200k SPORTS tokens on both my accounts, @nextgen622 and @awaken7. I want to thank all who have voted on and commented on my posts. Let's work together to make this community even better.

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