Impressed by recent developments on SportsTalk.Social

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So today I finally had the chance to catch up on all that is happening in the world of SportsTalk and Steem in general. I must say, I'm very impressed by the development on SportsTalk of late.

First of all, in browsing the Trending page, the quality of the content is much better, and there is also more Promoted content on there now.

Secondly, I was excited to see the news about the Steem Fantasy Premier League that @acidyo is hosting receive a sponsorship of 1 million SPORTS! That's right, you can win a share of 1 million SPORTS on top of the 3000-4000 Steem on offer by entering the competition.

Another exciting development is the new @sportsvoter service where you can earn SPORTS by delegating to the account, and you can also send SPORTS to @sportsvoter to buy votes for your posts. The SPORTS that is sent to the bidbot is burned, which is good for the economics of the SPORTS token.

So overall, I'm very excited about the future of this tribe, and glad to have staked over 400k SPORTS on my two accounts.

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Great to have new developments happening on sportstalk 👍

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