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In Australia, September marks the start of the finals for the football season. I'm not speaking of the football with the round ball, but the Aussie Rules Football with the oval ball. It coincides with the start of Spring when flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warmer.

Each September, the top 8 teams from the Australian Football League playoff in the finals over 4 weeks. This year, my favorite teamm, the Essendon Bombers scraped into the finals at 8th position. They will be playing against the 5th placed West Coast Eagles. Regardless of the result, this year has been a good spectacle as a Bombers supporter, with some very exciting wins.

The final week of September will see the grand-final of the season being played at the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, where more than 90 thousand fans converge for the season finale. To celebrate, in Victoria, the home of Aussie Rules Football even have a public holiday on the day before the grand-final.

Hope my Bombers can do well in the finals, and you can be sure I'll be tuned in and ready to cheer them on.

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Going to be a quiet September in Adelaide this year :(

Yeah, the Power and the Crows were stiff to miss out. They both had a pretty good start to the season. You can always come support the Bombers in the finals. :)

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