Do We Really Have Expert In Penalty Kick?

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I don't know of other sports but as far as football is concern the easiest and cheapest goal to score is penalty kick but it really call for discussion at times when some players step up to take a penalty and they finally loose it. As easier it is to score a penalty, there are still some players who don't even have the courage to take the penalty for their team in crucial period.

I think any player can just step out to take penalty when the needs arises but it seems there are special players choosing most of the time by the coach to take penalties for the team and that is why you will never see some players striving for it even if they are the one who bring about the penalty. Even among football fans, there are some players will don't recommend to take penalties for our club because their chance of scoring it is very low.


Now the question goes thus; Do we have expert as far as penalty is concern? Even there periods when players we think we always score do loose but the way it is been handle by coaches, it seems there are expect in that role. Lot of things is happening on the football pitch such as free kicks, corner kicks and there are players who are really assign for it, so in most cases, even if it is 20 corners, the player will still be the person to take it and that is how the case looks like in penalty.

Manchester United so far in the English Premier League has played 3 penalties and has been able to score just one which has led to many people thinking about who should be taking penalties for the club due to the fact that Paul Pogba lost a penalty in the week 2 and the manager warned him not to step out for penalty again if the club have penalty in any game, according to the manager, Rashford seems to be the player designated for that role and would have done better if he was the one who took the penalty but the same Rashford also a penalty when the club was facing Crystal Palace in the week 3 in a game that ended 2-1 in favour of Palace.


In my own opinion, i think any player can just come out and take the penalty and if he fail to score it, then it shouldn't be a problem because even the best players do loose it at times. I can still remember Messi lost against Chelsea in 2012 even when the club really need it, the same thing goes to Robben as well in a champions league final against Chelsea also and many like that.

The fact that a player fail to score a penalty doesn't mean he will not score another one. Although, some players can be so guarantee that when they take 10 penalties, they will score at least 9 of it but does that really mean they know how to do it than other players in the team? To me, i don't think so, many at times, the goal keeper may just be fortunate to go in that direction and safe it or the player maybe so unlucky to hit the bar.

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I hope you find this post interesting and educating, until then, i remain my humble self @Oxygen02. The guy who support life with his writeups. Thanks for reading

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A very interesting post!

I don't think there's a pro when it comes to PK.. The best player can mess up

Yes bro, but am really surprised to see the way some managers handle this at various clubs and yet the player end up loosing it at a very crucial time for them. Even goalkeepers can take it successfully.


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