Victor Wanyama, Josef de Souza or Morgan Schneiderlin?

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Galatasaray continues to work on the transfer next season to strengthen the midfield. The team is preparing for a flash move.

Galatasaray sent Fernando to Sevilla, did not attempt with Stoke City for Ndiaye, which the team added him to the squad on loan last season. So they are missing a key midfielder in the roster. The expectation is that within the next week, they will sign a new midfielder.

The most expensive transfer in the history of Fulham last year, Seri, moved to Galatasaray and that brought a lot of sound among supporters. It seems like Galatasaray reached agreement with ex Fenerbahce star Joseph de Souza and Morgan Schneiderlin. However, they wait for Wanyama to make a decision before they sign one of these alternative names.

According to the news coming from Goal Turkey, Fatih Terim wants Wanyama and the player may be forced out of the starting eleven next season in Tottenham. Galatasaray will play in Champions League and he can be a key player.

Here is his stats but he didn't really have a chance to show himself in the league last season.

All pictures are taken from transfermarkt

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lol I think he will be really useful. I used to like him at Fenerbahce as well :)

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