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Quite a few players are not participating in training camp in order to secure another contract before this season.
From what I understand NFL is different from NBA.
Quick example KD may not play but he is signing with Nets a max deal where they will pay him to get better.
He could have earn it too from Warriors.

In the NFL it is a different story.
You get your contract a minimum and bonus included if you play.
You really get pay when you play the season and shine.
If you hurt the team can waive you and it is up to them what you can get from the whole salary on your contract.

At least you will get something
Last week Packers cut Mike Daniels and saved a lot of money doing so by getting younger and fresher guys.
Mike was hurt the previous season
His production was going down
In the NFL, if you are a QB or a good kicker or punter you have a job till you reach 40.
Offensive and defensive lines you get worn out and miraculously last 10 years.

With all that said clearly you can see a guy with three years in the league wants to get pay.
Last year the four teams competing for Super Bowl were high scoring team.
You need running back to rest your QB and get the opponent defense tired.
Usually running backs don’t score quick unless the adversary defense is subpar.
Lately wide receivers are more important when the QB can throw the ball and score really quick.
Great example is Brady and Mahomes.
They need great wide receivers and the game is wide open and more fun.

I am not taking away the duty of running back.
They get beat up pretty bad.
They help the team win when receivers are not producing.

When you look at the prospective and longevity of running back I can see clearly why Zeke wants to make sure he is covered for the next three years after the contract he has now.
Clearly he is looking for a protection.

Football is a fun but harsh game.
Football is about pure power and accuracy on scheme and route.
Somehow if a player is holding out he knows he can get pay.
Actually Cowboys did acquire another player on Zeke place.
Zeke is really good.
When Dak cannot see farther than his nose
Zeke find a way to move the line.
Sometimes the QB don’t need to throw so running back move the chain.

Cowboys need him.
It will be tough to let him go cause wherever he goes they will be ten times better.
I guess Cowboys will find a way to make this work.
This year NFL and NFLPA will have to agree in a new bargaining contract for the league.
Can’t wait to see some football.

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I am not really a fan of NFL but I think this method is better where you are paid for the work you produce!!!

In the NFL it is a different story.
You get your contract a minimum and bonus included if you play.
You really get pay when you play the season and shine.
If you hurt the team can waive you and it is up to them what you can get from the whole salary on your contract

I guess more people will work hard when they know that their payment depends on their work!!

Paying people at the end of the month/week whether they have performed well or bad hurts the team financially!!

I am a football fan and Man United one and I can see how Sanchez (top earner in EPL) has hurt the team!!

He has scored I guess only 5 goals in 18 months and he earns insane money!!

His salary has made some players complain because he is not performing well!!

There is no justification for his high salary, so players should be paid according to results brought (IMO)..!!!

The same case happened as well in the NFL that is why a team will waive a player to save money. At least they will pay the guaranteed part of the contract.
Some players hold out to get more guaranteed money in case they play good for three years and got hurt in the fourth and still get pay only guaranteed in fifth year.
They will not get the max of the contract if they don’t play.
Keep on postin

Hey btw this account belongs to @jaraumoses and I will be posting more of Sports on this!!!

I cant wait for some football!

Her we have August.
What teams will you focus on ?
Personally I will be watching Colts, Chiefs, Dolphins and Patriots with no Gronk.
The new QBs as well.

Yes only a little more than a month now! I plan on focusing on the Titans mostly. That's my team! I wonder if no Gronk will matter. The Patriots usually have good players no matter what thanks to Bill Belicheck

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