Curation Nation (Volume 3)

in sportstalk •  8 months ago 

In the third pulse pounding edition of Sports Talk Social's "Curation Nation", I stumbled upon some great reads that fill in the gaps of either existential boredom or staring at charts all day. Perhaps it's a mixture of both. I worked today and had Bangkok Kickboxing going on in the background on Pluto TV. The fighting was pretty lame and was mostly one guy chasing another around but the music was nice to work to. ANYHOW, some stellar posts were presented today and I in turn magically curated them with tons of love to present to you.


Of course curation is totally subjective but I do try to find a wide assortment from new users to well established names and everything in between. There is so much to choose from and go through but here are a few that vibed with me and hopefully might vibe with you.


Curated for Your Reading Pleasure Some new names/blogs for me so I'm just stoked to see some "FRESH BLOOD" entering the STS tribe.

🏄‍♂️ @philnewton

🚵🏼‍♂️ @crashpoker

🏍 @gamerblog

🛶 @korver


🧗‍♀️ @pablo1601

🎖 @tytran @ackza

🏇🏽 @ultratrain

🏹 @rezoanalvibes

🥋 @reverendrum


breakers/banner courtesy of @julstamban and pic from unsplash 💖

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I'm glad to be part of the curated posts here again. Thanks for the pick!

I like what I like that's the great thing about curation, I don't have to be Objective :)

Hahaha. Understoon and you have a big point there :)

Those are very awesome articles, even though @korver is my rival here I love all of his articles

well is a friendly enough rivalry and you both are doing well, sportsmanship at work!