German Biathlon Crisis - Winter Sports Community is Live!

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"Don't whine about Laura."

This is the start of the official Winter Sports Community on the Steem Blockchain!

Germany had a female super star racer with Laura Dahlmeier- she resigned at a young age and now the German Biathlon team suffers a bit - any many are annoyed by all the comparisons with Laura.

Biathletes annoyed by Dahlmeier questions

After the retirement of Laura Dahlmeier, the ski hunters want to enter the podium but -wishful thinking only? Laura Dahlmeier has resigned, but is still somehow present - much to the displeasure of Vanessa Hinz and other German ski athletes.

That could be compared to the situation when Magdalena Neuner resigned - it's all about the competitiveness of the biathlon ladies. And that makes the German ski hunters displeased. The entire team has to accept that Laura is not active anymore.

Starting difficulties - like last year

In contrary to the male team the start of the season was not that bad for the female ski hunters. Even if it wasn't quite enough for a podium place in the individual races in Östersund. The team is still strong so no worries for my guys? This era after Laura, the time calculation should not play any role right now - view into the future should be the main strategy. Biathlon is an individual sport.

After the retirement of the record world champion Neuner, who is now 32 years old, there was a historic debacle for the ski hunters at the 2014 Olympics, before Dahlmeier in particular provided the highlights. Three years after Neuner's career ended, she celebrated her first World Championship title with the relay team. In 2017, the now 26-year-old made a highlight of her career with five World Championship gold medals. And ended her biathlon career after last winter - just like Neuner as double Olympic champion. But this time the women's team seems to be in a better position.

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Well, its no use to complain - all they need to do is to perform better. Its always like that - a strong athlet in a sport doesn't guarantee that there will be always strong follow up from that country. Also the German Biathlon men dominated the sport for a while - and then, when the top stars retired, it was over.
Thats how it goes. Look at Boris Becker and Steffi Graf and the German Tennis sport. It was almost as popular as Football at one point, similar to Biathlon.
So lets see if they can find someone with the talent of a Neuner or Dahlmeier. If not... well, people will find something new, I guess.

just joined, AWESOME idea to do this btw, thanks for supporting some of my community activity ;) appreciated

Happy to get a feedback from you! I might add you to the moderator list there

I'd be honored, I'm admin in Sportsball and also Sports Community I just claimed, made ;)
can make you one back, have fun (no putting people in boxes allowed :) )

You are officially selected as mod

Thanks, The Holidays have kept me crazy busy but am finding time to multitask and hope to get a post out for your community soon enough. A house full of peeps ain't condusive to me having to write something serious at the moment, lol. I think you're a good leader for something like this and am happy you don't put people in "naughty boxes". ;)

Sweet, I love shooting year round, but there's something special about winter shooting. Can't put my finger on it (I can on the trigger), but maybe it's the snow helping the target stand out more? No idea, love it though. Happy to join.

Glad to hear buddy - shooting in Winter is fun, I tried it once - struggled with both areas! Skiing and Shooting

I'm good at sportshooting which I took up over the last couple years pretty seriously but Skiing am total fail even on bunny slopes, lol