Goaltycoon Football Update: Today Victory

in sportstalk •  8 months ago 


Have you ever play online football coaching game just like goaltycoon and you were so busy to the extend of forsaking your team's for a long time and to you, you thought your team will be defeated throughout because you couldn't maintain or train them on time but you login and was surprised with the achievement so far even when you are absent.

That is what I saw tonight when I login to my goaltycoon Football portal tonight, really amaze and surprised too. My position on the group rank increased not only that, my game score didn't really reduced more than expected. So it is really sure I will scale through and won't b relegate back to the previous team league. My team played with BJuwon and defeat them 3 : 0 which I can classify as a good win thanks to all the players especially ojo aizeboje and Manasseh ita who made tonight march a victory. Waiting for next match tomorrow and I pray it is a win also

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