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Everyone Curates differently and I'm no exception. As a manual curator, I certainly appreciate others who do curation posts because it helps fill different niches and interests the community has. It helps some of us with time crunches to be able to find some really good and different genres within this tribe. Is this Beatnik style artwork clickbait? Yeah probably ;) If I can admire the visage of Ronaldo or Anthony Davis, then I can admire this too because why not?


This is a simple post with works that are anything but simple! It's a Subjective personal set of picks that struck my fancy and perhaps will strike yours!
Mason Hoffenberg/ Terry Southern /Google Images


Here is my first Curation Nation Edition, I hope you find some inspiration in them like I did!

@ ervin-lemark




@julstamban (THANK YOU for the great Graphics, the Bottom one is his work)





Interested in learning more about @philnewton 's initiative for curation? Follow the rabbit here to my main accounts post about it with an invite link!

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Thanks :D, This means alot and I commend you for making curation as humanly way as possible

Thanks for doing free cool graphics for the whole tribe to use, is nice to have those to use and appreciate the appreciation lol

I'm glad I was part of this post. Thank you so much!

I am starting to feel Sportstalk is the best tribe! People like you makes this platform more engaging.

Users like you where reading your work and standing out make it worthwhile, I learn new things or at least see things in a new light and am glad you feel that way, thanks

And you were the kind of people we need for making this platform healthy. No matter if you're a content creator or a curator, as long as you have the heart to help people and do great for this platform.

+5, I really love what you're doing. If you're up for an initiative let me know. I'll do my best to chip in.

I'd love to get a few who seem to vibe together well to do something, just gotta think of a good plan and what to do (puts on thinking cap half asleep)

Thanks again for the mention and the pick. Your work is valuable and appreciated!

And I am not saying this just because my post was among the featured ones :)

the term "Old Soul" comes to mind, glad you like my work in return
have a good one :)

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