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Today I wanted to share my sad story of losing so many games after winning many games continuously yesterday. I have reached the Gold II league already which is good news and I'm sure I will be getting 26 cards for sure this season. I was into little greed and wanted to win games only with the splinter I got in the daily quest. Today I got Life splinter as the daily quest summoner. Like I said, even though I was losing so many games, I was still trying to win the games.


I should say that the confidence came to me after remembering my strong Earth deck and the strong Water deck that I have. I currently have two gold foil legendary cards in my Water deck that helps me win games easily with Water splinter. With that in mind, I thought it is okay to drain and reach a low rating because I can anyways get to the top with those splinters.


In this long process, I completely forgot about the energy capture rate and I have totally drained my Energy Capture rate. I realized it only after seeing low DEC rewards from the battle wins. I guess it will definitely recover back but it is still too much to drain in one shot. After a very long struggle, I managed to complete the quest and received the above reward cards. It drained so much of my time to complete the quest. The struggle was not even worth it because I brought the ECR to 81 in this process and pushed to Gold III league which in turn gives me fewer cards and the cards that I received from the quest reward were also not very great except for one Epic in it.

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@bala41288, Sometimes we go with the flow no matter what is the Result. And in my opinion your Splinterlands 👾 Story is reflecting that. Stay blessed.

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Yes quite true. We end up accepting the flow. Thanks for the comments. 😀

Welcome. 🙂