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For the past two days I haven't been able to play consistently. Especially today I was continuously travelling and couldn't use my mobile. I have also received Death splinter as the daily quest splinter which is also not very fascinating. I usually find it hard to select cards during battle with my Death splinter. But I'm planning to next upgrade my death splinter summoner and the cards. Probably I will start using my death splinter regularly after that.


As I couldn't play much or write in detail about my game experience today, I wanted to check my cards and my stats. I found it interesting to see that my deck is now worth almost 450$ and soon it will be 500$. I'm glad that I'm able to make a good portfolio in the game as well. I also thought that I will sell some of the cards to make some profit and purchase cards that are necessary for me but later found that it is not easy to sell the cards for the price we expect.

This stats excited me even more. I'll continue my investment in the game to get some better rewards. I guess as this is one of the successful game in the Blockchain world, it will definitely be a great investment. Let's see.

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Splinterlands has turned out to be a very interesting way to invest. I like being able to rent out my cards for passive DEC income

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@bala41288, These are effective Stats. Hope that these Stats will grow consistently. Stay blessed.

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