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Today I was reviewing my deck and noticed some room for improvement and I wanted to start it with my Earth deck because it is one of the powerful decks that I have right now. The first thing is that I have over 10000 DEC sitting idle in my account which I have accumulated from battles for the past few seasons. I wanted to spend them wisely and that's why I ended up upgrading some of the below cards. Investment is always very good when it comes to cards. They either give you long term benefits or good rewards when you play game overtime.

Javelin Thrower becomes level 6


This is one of the most frequently used cards in my deck. I use this card in almost all my games wherever I have room to include it. I was having this card at lower levels because my monster level was very low. Now that the monster level is high with level 6, I also wanted to upgrade this card to level 6. The task was also very simple because the card was just 2 cards short for the upgrade.

Mushroom Seer becomes level 6


The next card that I wanted to choose was Mushroom Seer. I still remember this card during the early days as it used to be available in abundance. I remember getting so many cards from season rewards and quest rewards. But I'm wondering in spite of that I still have a level 4 card only. The card required around 12 cards to bring it to level 6. I purchased that from the market. From the looks of it, it appears to be a costly purchase only but I guess that's okay. After this purchase, I still have around 5000 DEC that I can spend on cards.

Brownie gets to level 4 now


From yesterday's quest rewards, I received a brownie and when I checked the status of my cards, I noticed that there was a room available to upgrade my Brownie to level 4 now. After the upgrade Brownie gets an additional ability to boost all cards with an additional melee attack.

Rexxie now becomes level 7


Rexxie is one of the favorite cards for many people. During the early days of the battle, whenever I play Earth deck, Rexxie was the mandatory card that I used to select in every battle irrespective of the opponent playing cards. Rexxie has helped me so much in winning many battles. Till today I admire this card and wanted to make it a little more powerful by making it level 7.


I think that's it for now and I have spent over 10000 DEC on these cards. I hope it ends up as a good investment for the future. I used the monstermarket.io website to make this purchase. If you are looking for a good 3% cashback on all your purchases, I would recommend doing your splinterlands purchase from MonsterMarket.io.

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Nice upgrades to your Earth deck.


Thank you so much for the Curation. 😀🙏

almost upgrades. Congrats.

@bala41288, 10000 DEC is effective amount and it shows that you are playing this game Consistently. Keep enjoying your Splinterlands 👾 Game. Stay blessed.

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Yes that's a big one that I saved to spend for several seasons. Thanks for the comment.

Good to know that. Hope that wonderful opportunities are waiting for you ahead. Stay blessed. 🙂

Good investment bro....
I guess one more level uo to Mushroom will give potion ability also which is awesome....
I was trying https://monstermarket.io/
But it was asking to loging with posting key... Is it safe?
Why there is no keychain or steemconnect option?

Hey, if you do not have Steem Keychain installed it would ask for private posting key, from the 20th of this month this is required to satisfy Splinterlands login requirement.

Using your posting key there is safe, the key doesn't leave your browser. It is needed to sign the login message.

But I would recommend you install Steem Keychain if you are using from a PC browser.

Ok thanks for information...

No bro. There is a keychain and steemconnect option available. You can join the discord server to get support. https://discord.gg/XRBfCES

Or contact @reazuliqbal directly in discord.

Ok may be i was trying on mobile that yhe reason its not showing the option... Thanks