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After the start of this season, like almost 3 days after the season end, today I found some time to play splinterlands. For my surprise, I'm able to see so many new cards in my deck as well as from other players. I guess there were few cool cards introduced in the game making it very interesting and popular. After the season end, it was a good start already. I managed to complete some games and reach Silver II league already.


I still remember that last season there was a huge winning streak for me and I was able to complete many games and reach two leagues in just one shot. It was indeed a great experience. This time it becomes challenging because I keep losing some of the game along with winning. I'm sure that my progress is good but at the same time there is also a fall in the progress that I'm making.


I received the above cards as rewards from the daily quest. Boogeyman is a new card that I'm seeing for the first time in the quest rewards. It looks like the card is also a rare card. I'm glad to receive such new cards. I have to definitely appreciate the team for introducing new cards because that's what keeps the market lively. The cost of some of the summoner cards are also high right now. Future can be bright for early adopters of this game.

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