Splinterlands - The season end is nearing

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It is just a few more hours before the season end. I have been playing a lot of games today but it didn't go well. I have not yet made it to the Gold II league for this season. It used to be easier for me every season but this time even though I had a great winning streak yesterday, I couldn't get past the Gold II league.

There are a few more hours left today, I'm going to keep trying to hit the Gold II league and if it becomes challenging, next time baby. I noticed that I have already reduced my Energy capture rate to less than 85% trying to complete the daily quest. I know that I'm just less than 100 points short for entering into the Gold II league but it is drinking my time and exhausting to win. Even if I win some games, I keep falling behind again by losing some games.


The game is not very favorable towards my side. For completing the quest I had to go through a huge losing streak. All that I needed was just one game to complete the quest but it took me so long to win that one game and complete the quest. If you check the above screenshot, you will know that how I was dragged from 2100 rating to around 2000 rating because of continuous losing streak to just win one game.


I have to also say that the rewards were also not worth that effort. I had to go through a huge losing streak to just get the above daily reward. Such a shame. But still no disappointment. I hope the season reward will be worth it.

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He he he. Thank you. And you also ended my losing streak by the way. 😉😀

second position on screen :) tnx bro... I really needed this victory

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