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For the past two days, the game has not gone very impressive for me. I don't have anything very exciting to share except for the pump in the price of Steem. The main reason for this is because I did not pay enough attention to the game because of my regular routines and the next reason is that there are so many high-level players in the low levels. Because of this, I'm finding it hard to complete the daily quests. Today I was able to spend some considerable amount of time.


I was able to reach the Gold III league for this season after completing some tough battles. Today when I started playing, I was thinking that it is going to be just another ordinary day and there will not be any progress in the game. But to my surprise, I was too close to Gold III league and after completing the daily quest, I focused on increasing my rating to reach the Gold III league.


The above reward cards are from yesterday's quest. Today the battle was quite challenging. I got Life splinter and the opponents gave some tough challenge after completing 3 wins with Life splinter. Like I said earlier, I was initially thinking that it will take some more time to reach the next league considering my progress for the past few days but fortunately, I was able to progress well and hit 1900 ratings today.


The above reward cards are from today's quest completion. I was able to complete the quest with ease with the Life splinter. The last few games were challenging but still manageable. I'm glad that there were two rare cards in the quest rewards. Every single card counts in the game. The more cards and DEC we attain from playing the more progress we can make.

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Congratulations for unlocking Gold...

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