Deck building Splinterlands... On a budget!

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This list is great if you want to get started in Splinterlands by building a cost-efficient collection or maybe build a @herons-unlimited account and earn passive income.

How to use this list

Below you'll read card names attributed to summoner levels. That means that card has a major power spike at that level and it is not cost-efficient to get it at a lower or higher level.

I.e.: Feasting Seaweed has a huge power spike when it's at level 3, which is a glorious upgrade from it's level 1 and 2, but it's barely weaker than it's level 4 and 5.

Some things to note:

  • Sometimes you'll see a card listed twice. Take your pick according to your desired summoner level.
  • BETA is generally much more expensive, but they are necessary in tournaments.
  • Level 1 cards are sometimes just about good enough. A level 1 Stone Golem will provide with all the necessary Earth Splinter protection you need when a match has SLOW and/or NO MAGIC rules.

The list

Rare Summoners Level 2


parasitic growth
spark pixies (lv1)
feasting seaweed
unicorn mustang
cave slug
luminous eagle
light elemental
bone golem (lv1)


creeping ooze
ettin spearman
nectar queen (lv1)
wood nymph (lv1)
boogeyman (lv1)
phantom soldier (lv1)
shadowy presence
fallen specter
fire spitter


dwarven wizard
armorsmith (lv1)
silvershield bard


magi sphinx
fire beetle
pit ogre
kobold miner
pirate captain
sabre shark
crustacean king
mischievous mermaid
stone golem (lv1)
flesh golem
magi of the forest
silvershield knight (lv1)
divine healer
twisted jester (lv1)
dark enchantress
screaming banshee

Rare Summoners Level 3


horny toad
goblin chariot
kobold bruiser
magma troll
living lava
sniping narwhal
goblin thief
child of the forest
crystal jaguar
gloridax magus


highland archer
beetle queen
wave runner
sea monster
naga windmaster
battle orca
barking spider
screenching vulture
silvershield assassin
crystal werewolf
undead minotaur
fallen specter
black dragon
dwarven wizard
eletric eels
goblin chief
dragonling bowman


grumpy dwarf
elven cutthroat
giant roc
goblin shaman
spineback turtle
water elemental
goblin sorcerer
stonesplitter orc
swamp thing
silvershield warrior
feral spirit
defender of the truth
animated corpse
haunted spider
skeleton assassin
undead priest
twisted jester
lightning dragon
gold dragon

Rare Summoners Level 4


elven defender
elven mystic
serpentine spy
fire elemental
giant squid
lone boatman
undead badger
giant scorpion
dark astronomer
death elemental


goblin mech
ettin spearman
flame monkey
naga fire wizard
flame imp
imp bowman
javelin thrower
divine sorceress
undead rexx
phantom soldier
shadowy presence
fire spitter


enchanted defender
molten ogre
mermaid healer
undead archer


enchanted pixie
raging impaler
magi sphinx
pit ogre
serpentine soldier
sabre shark
earth elemental
magi of the forest
silvershield paladin
defender of the truth
earth elemental
spinerback wolf
haunted spirit
dark enchantress
screaming banshee

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