Splinterlands- MAGGOTS (Share Your Battle Weekly)

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This week @splinterlands has made the battle challenge using Maggots! I have not collected a Maggot in my main account, but have used it via other accounts I am allowed to play. The monster is good in speed and has one of my favorite abilities in the game, opportunity. Here is a battle of me using the Maggot.

The Battle

The battle is limiting me to 17 Mana, but allows melee monsters to attack from any position. Low mana with melee monsters would be perfect and since battle is limiting me to use of either life, death or dragon splinter I took the death splinter for sake of using Maggots!

My Formation

I went with Mortalis summoner to limit my opponent in case they use melee monsters. For tank I had the Haunted Spirit while putting in Maggots as my backup melee monster. The remaining were spider, specter, and ooze. Those monsters were a mix of range, magic, and melee attacks, but I mainly had them for their abilities, poison, flying, and slow respectively. Furious chicken was added to fill up the remaining empty spot and use as a sacrifice to make my opponent have to attack one more monster with.

My Opponent's Formation

My opponent had decent level monsters similar to mine. Their focus for tank monster was the Silvershield Paladin. They also used Crystal Werewolf to buff magic attacks and archer for snipping monsters. Round out the formation with Divine Healer. There was no real flaw to this formation since it was only 17 manas. I am not sure but if they had use Paladium Summoner with Armorsmith on top of Healer they may have a stronger tank in Paladin. Yet attack would have been weaker so hard to say if higher toughness would have help.

Conclusions - Battle Results

A passive aggressive approach worked where I limited my opponent's melee attack with using Zintar while applying monsters with decent attack stats. The real winner was my Haunted Spirit who held off my opponent while remaining monsters stayed alive as long as possible to complete the battle. The Maggots were not really effective since I had them with melee attack of 1, but good enough to win the battle.

I basically outlasted my oppenet where my Haunted Spirit was not killed while I was able to slowly take apart Paladin. My opponent's remaining formation was no match to Haunted Spirit. If you would like to watch the battle click link here.

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Yup yup. Nice battle.
Those Maggots seemed to help greatly by taking out your opponents one ranged attacker leaving your whole backline to just chill. It was awesome.

Great post! Thanks for sharing!
🥰 @carrieallen