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Another week and @splinterlands has be great to support another weekly post contest. Similar to last week post, I do not often use Pit Ogre. I remember I had open one when alpha packs were on sale it was my first rare. Ever since I have sparingly used the card as fire splinter offer many options of a tank monster. Still the following battle is where I did use Pit Ogre and here are the results.

My Formation

I decided to start off with Pit Ogre because the rule set was no magic plus aim true- melee and target would always hit. Pit has some toughness and decent melee attack to benefit from the rule sets. Yet with fire splinter the advantage is speed and melee so I complimented Pit with Giant Roc, Spy, and Molten Ogre. Molten is to limit my opponent's attack if he/she so chooses to fire splinter.

I also included a couple of range attack monsters to ensure I attack aggressively in the first round. I used Ettin Spearman and Fire Demon to put a total of +5 in range attack.

My Opponent's Formation

I would do a more in dept analyzes, but the formation was all level 1 because my opponent used a level 1 summoner. Putting in Elven as a tank may have been wise, but difficult to overcome having the limitation of level 1 monsters. Nothing to really say other than a purge happened when facing my formation.

Conclusions - Battle Results

My formation only dropped Pit Ogre, the remaining monsters were still alive when match was over. I believe if I level up Pit to say like level 4 I may have him still be alive in the match. Sometimes an extra health is all it needs to make the difference. Never the less upgrading my Pit is not a priority because I do not use it that much. I prefer Goblin Mech as the tank, or Cerberus. There are a few decent untamed tanks for fire splinter as well, but I do not own them so have not used them.

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