Splinterlands Card Review Untamed Earth Commons

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I am starting something I should have done before. I will review the team in 3 posts. One for the commons, then rare, and combine the epic and new legendary on the last one. Time to look at the earth team. They are one of my favorite teams. I think they are strong but when you can't heal it hurts them a lot. These new cards don't change that but do add some fun new options for them. Let me know what you think of the review or game. I will pick one random person that does this to win 500 DEC.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

20191228 17_34_51Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Biceratops is considered a weak card right now. I know this because people sell me the card for 2 cents often. Yet he is a useful card for the team. In little league game, he is a nice first position tank. With good life, thorns, and armor. He also has a good attack for his cost. Yet he will never take the first position for the other tanks on the team as they are too strong. That is why he is undervalued. Other formats he is good are super sneak and melee mayhem. Thing is those modes are ones most might no go with Earth. This isn't a card I will buy but if people keep dumping him to me look out for when I beat you with him.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

20191228 17_35_03Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Orc Sergeant is a bit of a replacement for the Minotaur Warrior. That will be helpful for new players to have a monsters with reach on the team. Having inspire adds a nice combo to the team with Brownie for double inspire. This could lead to some hard-hitting Earth melee teams for super sneak and melee mayhem. His 5 cost makes him a bit harder to use. But when you can fit him into a match he will be a lot of help. You will have to get him to level 6 before he will be worth using a lot. After that, the next goal would be level 8 to get top speed. One drawback is he doesn't get his last attack point till max level. So unless you are a max level player you can't have him with 3 base attack. My guess is he won't be considered that good but will be powerful in some games for those that have him.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

20191228 17_35_13Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Goblin Thief is the first melee sneak monster for the team. Shatter is a nice combo as armor is used a lot in the game. At higher levels, he gets a lot of attack for his cost and being a sneak monster. I am not sure how much use he will get. He doesn't combo as well with Goblin Sorcerer. As one will be doing magic and one melee. Still sneak is cool so he will get some play. He gets 3 attack really fast so you can use him at lower levels. Overall he is a good card.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

20191228 17_35_25Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Failed Summoner is a funny card. Yet it will get used a lot. 2 cost with up to 10 life. This guy is going to be the tank in a lot of 12 mana games. He will also be used in Back to Basics a lot either as the first or second position to take a lot of hits to kill. He is also able to be used when you know a lot of magic monsters will be used. A lot of games you won't use this card but when you can it will be a powerful tool. It is funny but I like this card a lot.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

That is it for common cards. I will be back soon to go over the rare cards. These ones are all good cards for the team. If you are new they stack up well with the older commons. I can't wait to see what others think. None of these really stand out to be used with the old cards expect failed summoner.

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I still don't have any of my own summoners yet so not much point in leveling up. Failed summoner sounds like a good one to focus on at some point though. Thanks for the info.

Before the Untamed, Earth splinter was impossible to do a daily quest with. NOw that I have added a few Untamed cards, it's a viable deck. I still use my Minotaur or dwarf for their reach positions. If I ever get the orc leveled up I might switch to him. Ditto fo the Biceretops. I use it if I have to, but I think there are better cards (in my deck, for now at least) to use instead. That will probably change if/when I ever get it leveled up a bit. The untamed don't get much of a "boost" or toys until they hit 6+ it seems.

Still fun to use them even at lowest levels

I like failed Summoner because of low mana cost and decent health at level 4.

I hardly use failed summoner. I should probably try some lineups with it, but, I only have a level 1. A lot of cards aren't that useful without being leveled

I personally am a water splitter guy myself. I think the combination of Alric Stormbringer +1 to magic, then a few +2 of +3 magical critters, can knock out other very powerful teams with ease. However, my guys only level I so... lol

I do like your reviews that you're doing I think they can be compiled into some wiki about ideal team combinations or strategy and planning for winning!

Keep it up!

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