Splinterlands Card Review Untamed Earth Epics and Legendary Cards

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It is time to finish up the Earth Team and go over the last cards. If you have not checked out the other post on the team there are here and here Overall the team got a lot of good cards in the Untamed set and should continue to be a strong team. I use this team a lot and love them. Sometimes I feel like they are really strong. I do have a bit of bad news. @contestkings is shutting down. They supported my account a lot. I am still going to try to giveaway DEC but might have to stop once the account is gone. I hope you will still give me some feedback on my reviews. This post will still have one winner for 500 DEC from the comments that talk about the review or the game. Thanks and now to get to the cards.

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20200104 13_14_11Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Sporcerer is a great card. He is meant for higher mana games but will do great in them. His skills are great for the team. Rust to take away armor. Affliction to stop the other team from healing and Silence to lower incoming magic damage allows some of the tanks without void to get more play. Three magic damage is pretty good but maybe a little weak for the six mana cost. Why I think he needs to be used in higher mana matches. This card also is turning Earth into a magic powerhouse. Next to Mushroom Seer they will also be one team that can double silence. This card is just built to help the team a lot.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

20200104 13_13_52Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Mitica Headhunter hurts my saying they are a magic team but he is meant to really only be played in the really high mana games with his 8 cost. Snare is really cool in a lot of matches. Yet piercing and shatter on the same guy seems odd. Still, this guy is going to get played because at level 5 he will have 6 attack with snare and piercing. I am just not sure a lot will max him out because why do you need shatter on a guy that would blow away 6 armor on his attack. Unless I am wrong on how that works and the armor is broken before he hits for 6 but I don't think it works that way. If it does let me know and he is a little better at max. Still he is fast hits hard and will blow past 3 or 4 armor and still do damage. Expect to see him often in high mana matches for green.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

20200104 13_13_34Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Kron the Undying is just a super cool and good card. Self-heal, divine shield and last stand mean in a 12 or 13 mana match you might just be fighting this guy and you might lose. In high mana matches, he will be used all the time by the team. This is the guy that really shows you how powerful a magic team they can field. The last stand skill is going to be pretty cool when it works. All a sudden he will hit super hard heal for more and be harder to kill. Anyone that wants to give me one of these cards thanks haha. I have to see about getting him while he is cheap in this bear market.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

I will review what teams I have left. I think it is Water but man my mind might be slipping. I hope you guys are talking about the game and having fun with it. I am hoping that 2020 is a bit year for steem and Splinterlands.

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Why is contest kings shutting down??

They didn't really explain it yet. Issues are the owner having some issues with life.

I can only hope to pull these cards in the future from one or more booster packs... some day. The cards I do have at the moment however, are nice additions to my beta cards. Rust is quite nice with the summoners -2 to armor. Made my earth deck a decent choice to play with finally.

Mitica Headhunter is a great card. I enjoy using it in high mana matches whenever I use earth

I use Mitica Headhunter often on High Mana matches as well... but every now and again I pull him out on a match for the DPI!

Great review and explanations! I am trying to get in gear and gain more ground on the Splinterlands front. Thanks for sharing!

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Mitica Headhunter is a great card... i hope to find them in a booster packs some day