Splinterlands Card Review Untamed Earth Rares

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I hope you all had a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it. Also, Happy Holidays to anyone else that has a different one. It is New Year's Ever so I will also wish you a Happy New Year. I hope to see the crypto world grow along with Splinterlands. My Review Post will continue and I will get to the new rewards cards once I am done with Untamed. Once again let me know what you think of the review or one of the cards. Or any comment about the game. This post will have 2 winners of 500 DEC one extra for the New Year. So it a good time to make a comment.

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20191231 16_19_14Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

The Wizard of Eastwood is the new Summoner for the team. Considering this card shares the name of the Legendary Coach of UCLA John Wooden it is a bit of a let down that I don't like it. Sometimes his skill of removing 2 armor will be great. In any game, you know armor is coming. Also, armor is featured a lot more than before. Yet this is one of the few skills that I could see not doing anything. He will still hold value because Earth is a strong team. The fact that it is minus 2 helps the card. When it does work it will be big. Let me know what you think. Still got to love that name for sure at least if I am right about the play on Wizard of Westwood. Let me know if you are aware of that.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

20191231 16_19_27Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Child of the Forest is a nice addition to the team. It gives them a sniper and any card with equal damage to cost is good. That isn't till max level but still nice to see. The card is also fast and has good hp for a sniper. The new skill snare is also good. Helps all hit those flying monsters and is super good in earthquake mode. This will be a solid card to add to the old set and a strong card for the new player to have.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

20191231 16_19_39Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Unicorn Mustang is going to have a hard time taking that Tank Spot from Flesh golem but it has a shot. It higher mana matches, when you see more mages a card like this with Void and Magic reflect, is good. If you get it to max level and pick up piercing that makes the 5 attack a lot better. With more back row healers in this set, it is easy to see this card being upfront more often. For sure I think I will use this card. Wonder if you all think it also is a nice tank for the team?

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

20191231 16_19_52Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Khmer Princess is a great card. A 2 cost card with tank heal and triage to heal the back row. Low magic damage to make sure it doesn't die to reflect right away and high hp. You have to get the card to level 4 to use it but then you can use it any time. If you have a max level summoner of eath then you want it at level 8. Then it is super good for the team. This is a card I want to level up right away to 4 and then see if I can get more. So please dump them to me haha.

20191206 11_08_395bEGgqZEHBMe6s3wiPgGLGMfvig9QShSZU5pqHX1YYALSbGqJBWXyN6qzEo88zPsss43yvFiQyYh11R7.png

Earth got some great adds in the rare cards. The new summoner is okay maybe better than I think. But after that they get a sniper, magic reflect tank and a new healer. These cards will fit right into the old ones but also stand alone. Earth is going to stay as a strong team it seems.

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I think the green team will be the first one I will try and buy for my starter account. I play that unicorn a lot.

I like Khmer Princess so much. She is the only monster that can heal twice.

I love khmer princess, it's a great 2 mana card for earth. I have a single copy. Definitely a must to max out

I have "The Wizard of Eastwood" card and played him a few times. I think he has a lot of potentials. I mean, - 2 armor. You are just knocking out the tank's armor in the front row, right? Use the Creeping Oze to then slow down your opponent and then claim the first strike on their tank. Once the tank is down, pick up the ranged attackers! Victory.

Yes but not all tanks have armor. Still, when it works like that he is great.

Yes but not all tanks
Have armor. Still, when it works
Like that he is great.

                 - stever82

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Khmer princess, it's really a great card and lovely

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Great analysis! I really like the fact that the heal skill of the Khmer princess is unlocked at level 4 and not at level 5 as is usual for most rare cards, this makes it a little more affordable.

Thank you for the 500 DEC.

with this new cards green team is better

for you

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For me, Earth is a lot easier to play now. It's my best debuffing splinter. The -2 from the summoner, and then another -2 from one of the monster cards.... add in a tank healer and it's a tough hand to beat. Especially as the cards level up.