Splinterlands Goal and Steem Goal Done

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I hope some of you read this. I had a goal a bit back with Steem and Splinterland. I wanted to see that if I got $500 into steem and $200 more into Splinterlands packs could I get all that money back? This was something I did for my wife. You might have seen if you check I was selling some of my steem. I have also been selling some of the cards. I did this to show my wife that Steem is good to buy. She is not into crypto and not so ready to let me invest more. She didn't think I could get it back.

Well, crypto and I proved her wrong. I bought the steem around Spet 10 2019 and made this Post A lot happened after that that made it easier for me to get my money back. HF 21/22 changed a lot here. It made me spend more time on my post and I have been able to earn much better rewards. At the same time, I was able to keep playing Splinterlands earning cards, Selling and Renting them out and moving that money out of my account for a bit. I am glad to say that all $700 went back to the wife. Now I hope that she can see that this place is a place that if you invest and do the work you can make some money. You're not going to get rich without Steem going up a lot but you can get back what you put in.


I really hope that anyone that hasn't thought to invest in steem to grow your account will know that it works. I hope to start to grow my SP again now. I didn't pull out all have put in. It was more of just a little test. I want to say thanks to the people here that support my account. Know that I am trying to do a better job with my vote to support you back if you're working hard here. This platform is changing a lot. More Dapps are growing. More features are coming. I am glad that I have stuck around. I hope to see this year have this grow a lot. Here is hoping that we get a lot more people here soon.

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You also get to say, 'I told you so', which is so much more valuable than money :)

Hahaha so true 😂😂😂

Yup that will help a lot for my next big purchase of crypto.

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I should show this post to my friends that keep saying this is just virtual and that my cards are actually worthless. 😉👍

Ya I am hoping some of my friends that won’t join will read it as I shared it on my Facebook.

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Nice experiment here....glad you turned out lucky

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Congratulations on proving that the eife is wrong about steem investment @stever82 😉 that's important because you know.. once you can a woman trust you.. they'll talk about it to other women 😉

I hope so. I would love to get to word spread more.

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Such an interesting read and now your wife can see how Steem can make a return on your investment

Yup she was a bit shocked I think.

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Pleasantly shocked :)

So less than a four month for full return. How did you transfer back from steem to fiat and how did you know when to do so? Curious because I want to do something similar but need more evidence/proof to show my wife that this is doable. She is very skeptical with crypto and I do not blame her. Most daily tv news put a bad light on it.

Well, when you sell cards you get a dollar amount value. Same with payouts. But in general I waited till I had over 300 steem to sell. Then I sent it bittrex to sell for BTC I then buy stellar to sent that to Coinbase to save in the fees if I moved BTC. Then I sell the stellar for BTC and sell that for dollars. It is a bit of a pain I have to do that but there are other ways. As far as timing really I just looks for little up ticks when steem was up a little and I had saved up a lot. But I never held it too long. As a note the speed was also due to being lucky in Splinterlands. I got some rare cards I sold. If I was just posting and curating with my SP it would have taken longer but it would still happen.

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That's very nice... but how much time a day do you spend with this game? I don't think I would be so active in Steem if I were playing SteemMonsters... 🤔

I play for about 1 to 2 hours a day. But not at once. I am glad the site works on my phone soo then will have an app. Some days I don't play and I always am listening to something while I play.

Thank you for this post. It inspires a newbie like me to keep on working hard on the platform. Have a great week ahead! ^_^

Thank you for checking it out it was cool to be able to this.