Ripped off 5 times by investing on an Orb.... Worth my time?

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Traded, battled, invested...

The sweat and head scratching earning 2,400 DEC just to try out if I could get me some good rare cards went south....

5 times...


Somewhere between discord and reading splintertalk posts I came across someone mentioned about getting a pretty decent cut for the Orb. I always wondered should I try it out and would it suffice to gain me rare some cards that I never had before which are expensive in the market.

I took a gamble, and obviously gambling is never my good charm....


I did think twice, and I could have trusted my guts to not go ahead on this.... then again, one has got to try out whether it was worth while chancing for good cards in the future.

Maybe I should have listened to my gut..


After purchasing the orb I just remembered I still have an untamed pack yet to be opened; but today I wasn't having any intention to open untamed cards, I went for the glowy right orb.


off to the chamber!

I have got to say; kudos to the UI graphic designers for the interface. It was pretty nice and simple. Kids love this kind of stuff and I maybe by the time the munchkins are ready for this game, the graphics are going to be much more advanced.


I am not certain whether it was the internet or splinterlands is experiencing lag, but it took a while to have the animated look going after I clicked on it.

By the way, I had trouble accessing to UI as well, but steempeak is fine.


I supposed, these are considered the promotional cards... They do look fancy...

Then the reviling...



It turns out that the lucky stars are not with me this round. I have indeed wasted $1.68 to open a deck of $0.28 cards with repeats.

The sad part was I already had Armorsmith; and I supposed the only gained rather not overly useful (yet) Undead Archer looks promising.

Enchanted defender looks more like a lame decoy if player has a melee card that attacks the weakest first. Otherwise I am not very certain how to use it at the moment.

Goblin Chef doesn't look fancy either. Even the tree would serve a better archer with equivalent speed and archery skills.

The last time I had such a rip off was when I purchased Beta packs for somewhat higher prices than before, but I still got about almost $1 worth of cards...


While this is 5 times loss compared with the value I have spent....


I wished I could say that, but this is a game of chance.... there's nothing I can do about it but to share my experience.

Should I try getting another orb in the future?

I doubt it at the moment unless I have too much DEC to spend. Right now I might as well find a way to up the Enchanted defender and see what it can be used for.

I'd probably stick to conventional market purchase at the moment...


Hopefully there's another bull to help me out...

But I know that compared to the previous times I purchased, this steem value is already higher by 4 cents...

Oh well.... back to the drawing board.

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maybe look at this as a chance to get something nice rather than seeing it as an investment each time? that way you will feel better. Without some of these cards, you cannot climb the leagues and in return get more reward cards and decs!

I guess you could be right, but then again, not even looking at the prices, that I already experinced with 2 of them, didn't get me any battles passed through. haha.

All in all if the cards were useful but the price was hardly any I wouldn't mind though. But this is pretty shitty result for the revealings to be honest.

only the recent 2 quests I got more mana in total and when it comes to Life quests, most of the time I got like 12 - 16 mana in total; so every card has to count in both affordable (in mana) and also well used.