#spud and a new middle class?

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Another month begins and that means it is #spud, or Steem Power Up Day. I'm joining in again and will be checking on some related data.

Source - CC

In April 2019, an average of 106,304 STEEM was powered up every day with the average number of accounts powering up each day being 832.

In December 2019, an average of 140,004 STEEM was powered up every day with the average number of accounts powering up each day being 754.

That sounds like a vast improvement, but if we ignore this strange transaction where feedom Vests to the invisible man

Then the average daily power up is 116,074 STEEM for December 2019 - still 10k more than back in April last year.

So I guess what we are looking for today is for a total to better 116k. I will update the post with the final figures tomorrow but so far today we have just over 45850 SP powered up with 275 different accounts getting involved.

The following accounts have all powered up over 250 SP today.

AccountSTEEM vested

On the above list, there are numerous Steem Fest attendees, accounts that delegate to curation projects, and accounts that I feel are going the right way on Steem.

There has been much talk of a thin middle class over the past year or so, and so it is good to see many of those names listed. If I take a look through accounts closing in on 50,000 SP and those that have passed this number over the past couple of months, I see promise in the future.

gregory-f, eturnerx, holger80, blewitt, goblinknackers, tarazkp, slobberchops, smasssh, flipstar, abigail-dantes, meesterboom, joshman, davedickeyyall, etc, are all over 50k SP, and I see many of the same names when I look at the delegations to curation accounts and various communities.

Personally, I feel this is important for growth. It's all well and good collecting SP to reward yourself and a few dozen friends but without some of this SP going out to the wider community, retention won't get any better. I don't have time to curate the New feed, but there are a number of teams doing this now and so 5/10% of stake delegated out to, or trailing these accounts, seems like a small price (in CR) to pay.

Anyway, today is the day to power up a little STEEM, however you acquired it.

Credit to the #spud man, @streetstyle for this initiative 👍🏽



Date: 1-1-2020
Unique account power-ups: 671
STEEM powered up: 219,755.330

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Great post and info and thank you for supporting #spud . Also great find on that "ghost," how is that even possible?

The steem stats and #spud9 stats are awesome..... can't wait to see more. My eventually need your help automating the SPUD prize competition if it keeps growing.

Thanks again and happy new year!

Cheers dude, glad to be involved!

I think today could be fairly quiet, being the start of the new year and all, but we shall see.

I'm not sure RE the ghost transfer, there are a number in the DB but that's the only one on that day. I'm pretty sure if will be a power up to self, just not sure why the [to] isn't reported.

I checked your prize rules, I guess it's a manual process to go through the posts and accounts?

Cheers, have a good one!

Hello @abh12345 Yes I do go through the tags to look for the #spud posts, and then based on that check the wallets to confirm the power ups then put them on a spread sheet. It isn't that bad, yet..... I am sure there is a way to at least automate some of it but I am no programmer so that is where you come in. I am sure I can pay for your time, but it would have to be in Steem or maybe something else I have laying around. Anyhow, think about it when you can. For now enjoy the new year, take care and thanks for supporting.

The SPUD prize competition is definitely going to grow, I think we have just seen the beginning of it so far. Hope @abh12345 can help you automate the SPUD prize competition

Yes, it is starting to get interesting @xpilar and hopefully with his help we can speed it up a little. I think there are ways to at least automate part of it. We'll see what he has to say. Thank you again for everything you and your Team have done @xpilar I might have started the spark but you added the fuel!

Hi @streetstyle

thanks for the nice comment

I might have started the spark but you added the fuel!

yes, hope you will get help in automating SPUD
The job you do is getting bigger and bigger

As a spuder I am so glad to know this post. SPUD will be great movement.
Thank you @abh12345 for support. Thank you @streetstyle for great idea and all sponsor such @xpilar, @sultan-aceh, @davedickeyyall, @mcoinz79, @reflektor, @hingsten, @traciyork, @improv, @bippe, @livinguktaiwan who make SPUD more interesting.

Good stuff - the more the merrier 😁

Obsessively power up daily. The ridiculousness of forgetting it was SPUD day does not escape me as how could I forget date? Lol. Half my steem delegated to Natural Medicine... but you have reminded me of a few I probably should delegate to. I also need to sort out my alt curation trails. I.will do that on next hot a.f day which is soon.

I've missed a few in previous months but have been sat in front of the screen this week so saw it advertised.

You should delegate to your project :D

Seems like its a bit quiet coz New Year? Hopefully people will find a spare moment later on in the day.

And happy new year !!

Yeah I thought the same, perhaps no records today as most are nursing a hangover and spent their SPUD money elsewhere :)

Happy New Year!

Hi @abh12345
If I think it is a very good initiative especially for those accounts that are growing, with my personal account I always do it not with very high amounts but often every two days an average of 0.8 and also motivate my friends to join this initiative..


It is really interesting to see how the vesting fund is going to behave over 2020 as there is going to be price movement also, which could signal sells. That would make those who have stake a little more stake-y when calling upon the pool.

Hard to predict isn’t it? More could be staked short term if the power-down period is chopped?

It looks at the moment like it is 50k down on yesterdays fund. There must have been a large powerdowner clear.

Wasn't me :)

Nice to see my punk ass made the list of power ups! The number of accounts powering up though wish it were way more, can’t eveyeone be more fanatic about powering up lol

Not today, too busy nursing a hangover? Good job on the power up!

It's all going on already. Magic stuff. That freedom one is funny. Not suss at all ... :0D

A little suss on the surface. There are other blank [to] entries - witnesses/coders it seems 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔

Very peculiar! It's little daft things like that which compound the image of steem to outsiders

Or the Ill-informed reporters of these strange events 😳😬

Haha, your name will be mud!!

Great to see 😊
Is there any easy place to find curation trails to delegate to?

Happy new year @Shanibeer

You can consider following the SteemitWorldMap curation trail or even delegate to us to support the manual curation we do everyday. If you're looking for rewards at the same time, folowing our trail may be a better option as Blocktrades also supports our curated posts

Oh yes, I have a little delegation in that direction, good shout 😁

c-squared (lots of voting / resteeming), c-squared (10 votes a day and 'the best of' c-cubed - I trail and delegate a little), curangel (where my main delegation is).

I'm sure there are more but I'm happy trailing and delegating to the above.

Thank you, really helpful 😎

You could also try Natural Medicine, we get a big daily TSU vote and would appreciate the support for what we do... much dedication to blockchain and supporting health writers.

Also a good option :D

There are some promising signs. There are also some people buying lots of Steem to buy votes. We need to keep an eye on them. My hope is that enough good people power up to have a significant effect on rewards distribution.

Yeah, that seems to be a major loophole in the economy of this platform. Guilty of it myself @tipu has a great platform where you simply send some Steem, put in an url, and moments later get a big ol' upvote from 'em.

Basically "rich rewards the rich" and everyone else gets table scraps.

That's my estimation of Steem so far, and I've only been here a few months.

Heh :)

Judging by your account age you missed the times of 30/40 tipu style accounts(bidbots) with big ol' upvotes. It's interesting you are negative towards the account as a post hard fork 21 account :)

There's no perfect system and greed is a powerful force, but Steem offers something different with great potential. If people just buy votes it will turn to shit, but we also need big accounts to support good content and that is happening more lately. I do what I can.

Time will tell.
If the majority are not selfish and not greedy, then that will be good.
Otherwise the more they power up, the more they are able to upvote themselves.
Unfortunately many people focusing on upvoting themselves.
Or only a few accounts (each other) (voting circle). This latter is usually applies to whales.

What is defined as the "steem middle class" then? It's good to see loads of people powering up.

I'm following a few curation trails to help with the cause and keep new folks on and started hanging around new posts on travelfeed. Us folks with a little more SP need to grab the bull by the horns 😁

Err, I think it's us! I've seen 50k mentioned in the past but I'd say it includes accounts with less who are heading in that direction, on a bull, with class? :)

Interesting... I've always wanted to classily ride a bull to the middle. Let's do it!

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I wonder what that freedom transaction is about then?

There are many blank [to] fields in the DB, especially from the very first month.....

I'm told the vesting account will be the same as the [from] account, but I'm unsure why this field is occasionally empty. A scan down the list makes me think large accounts / older witnesses / old accounts, and everything is above board :)

Well it's easy enough to see if the Steem has been powered up to the same account!

Ah dang, I missed it. It is always a bummer when this happens on the holidays or weekends. Since I try to take a break from Steem, I seem to always miss it. I have a bunch of STEEM that I have been sitting on waiting for a SPUD to power it up!

No worries, any time is a good time for a spud :)

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