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The first of February has been and gone - a few numbers on the STEEM vested this time around.

source @streetstyle

Yesterday, there were a total of 832 transactions of type 'transfer_to_vesting' totaling 58685.8400 STEEM.

433 accounts called the command and 601 accounts vested STEEM. This number is different because it is possible to vest STEEM from an account to a different account.

@tipu vested STEEM to 102 different accounts and @curie vested 8 STEEM to 75 different accounts.

Five accounts vested over 2000 STEEM - znnuksfe, gamefiles, lorenzopistolesi, cryptosharon, and jeenger.

The largest account power up was znnuksfe with 10730.9910 which was split over a couple of transactions.

Below is a chart showing the when yesterday STEEM was vested.

gamefiles powered up the largest amount of STEEM in one hit - 8592.758 at 17:20 UTC.

Looking at previous #spud days, yesterday continued a trend of fewer STEEM being powered up on the first of the month.

I read a post this morning stating that Steemmonster card transactions were also down from last month and I'm wondering if people a now looking to hold some liquid STEEM in case there is a move over the next couple of months?

My power up yesterday was for 500 STEEM and I used it to up my delegation to @curangel.

The act is not completely selfless as @curangel do distribute any curation rewards out to their delegators, but I like that they visit content that I miss and use their downvotes. I also trail this side of their curation and as you may have noticed, have been in receipt of some downvotes myself of late. This is fine, but I apologise if you are downvoted for commenting on my posts.

Another month or two and I'll be at 50k

Feel free to lift off any time soon, STEEM :)


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I never pay enough attention to dates; sorry; so what are we supposed to do? Power up on the first of the month?

hehe :)

Yes that is the idea. I suspect you have powered up a couple of times this past month, but Steem Power Up Day (SPUD) is officially the first 1st of each month.

See, that’s why I still call myself noob :) alright, will do from next month

I will try to remind you to boost the total :)

I still think that downvoting for any other reason than plagiarism is a bad idea. To me, I see people with lots of money trying to exercise control.

I guess there will always be a difference of opinion here. I’m not a fan of those who self-vote rubbish and nothing else, and feel that adds no value to the network in the same way plagiarism doesn’t.

Great post @abh12345 and good seeing #spud by the numbers, although a little stunned that we have actually had less Steem being powered up on the 1st since last October SPUD.
I do like your take that it could be people hodling liquid Steem in case it shoots up in price....Take care.

Thanks :)

Well I hope this is the reason, and other destinations for STEEM (like monster cards) are showing a downtrend too.

Perhaps a move to 4 week powerdown would encourage more to vest their STEEM, but this also allows for a quicker exit and so I'm not sure if it's the best idea.

Yeah, plus the price run up doesn't help as you stated. I know I haven't really bought any more Steem Monsters since I recently started playing due to the fact that I believe Steem Price can climb higher and don't want to wind up paying a lot more for a Splinter when the price does go up.
One things is for sure, and that is that if Steem Price goes up, so does Steem Blockchain participation. Anyhow, we'll see. Thank you for your input and take care.

My card buying has dropped too, although I have bought some. It could be that they are much cheaper in the future if STEEM moves, but I couldn’t resist levelling up my summoners 😁


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I forgot it was spud like always fuck xD

No worries, save for next time or get those STEEMs staked :)

They are already stacked. I planned on doing that anyways :D

I see you are looking to get to 10k SP before the end of the year. Quite a large commitment but I hope you make it :)

Ye I know haha xD
10K is still the goal, even if I dont make it :D
It makes me think about creating and optimazing what I do here :D
I tried to buy Sp via lease for a while and it was nice! But not sustainable, so now I decided to powerup all, to see if it would be better :D

@flysky is "F*ck" a bad word for you? And why?? Doesn't the context matter?? XD
P.s are you a Christian, because then it makes sense.

I am happy that I participated in this contest and were able to power up successfully.

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I added a little more and see others doing the same. I am synchronising my buying of Steem with SPUD even though I don't qualify for the prizes.

I'm trying to do the same as have gotten a little carried away with buying now that i'm earning fiat again.

With the price creeping up it is tempting to buy more now. I still hope that is an ongoing trend.

I'm actually more likely to buy more if there is a fall to .10/.12, but do think there is much more scope for multiples on the current price than a fall to 0.

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I'm wondering if people a now looking to hold some liquid STEEM in case there is a move over the next couple of months

Probably! Lots of anticipation about BTC moving after all!

Yeah I’m holding a bit so was wondering if others might be doing the same.

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I have another wallet which I'm trying not to touch!

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I think STEEM should be priority for now but it is nice to have influence in the Scot tokens.

Sorry for the mindless downvoting of comments on my post.

Sorry for the mindless downvoting of comments on my post.

Haha, it's ok it's not like I had upvotes anyway

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Nice :)

Yeah I saw a few posts last night (detlev being one) that also just missed the 1st Feb UTC timings.

All good though, keep stacking and hope for the best :)

well, we seem to be going for .2 again... and in the long run I am optimistic for sure

Multiples on the current price looks more likely than 0 :)

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I get that impression too - there are a couple of clear external factors weighing in at present which could be benefiting crypto, although I'd rather their be no Virus and for Brits to be able to roam Europe without any hassle.

I'd rather their be no Virus and for Brits to be able to roam Europe without any hassle

I could not agree more.

They are both literally and figuratively examples of someone sneezing and the rest of the world catching a cold. I notice that the oil price has dropped significantly, too and that the ZAR is weakening to about 15 USD. SBD is up today, though at 12.06 and when I checked on Friday it was 11 something to the ZAR. Interesting times.

For sure. 2020 was touted to be an interesting year and so far it is living up to expectations.


thank you!!

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Thanks :)

It could be that people are a bit short following a long January and hopefully things will pick up next time. A move to 4 weeks could well tempt more accounts in, but they can also leave quicker and so I'm not sure on the change here.

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I’m getting close :)

Damn idiots with the comment downvoting 🙈

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You should follow @streetstyle to stay up to date on the next Spud Contest. And make sure to spread the news to any new members you come across. It's an excellent way to get newbies hooked by letting them feel what it's like to tip with a vote worth more than $0.001. I won it once and I can't stop myself from powering up now. Winning that contest gave me a goal of attaining 5,000 sp this year. Plus it allows new accounts a chance to earn some very good curation rewards. :D

Thanks for the tip. I'll have a look.


Hopefully it's an easy date to remember although I've missed it enough times since the initiative began. Good luck with 1st March!

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The leagues have picked up slightly since the start of the year, but they don’t track all going’s on.

Thanks for your input, sorry for the mindless downvoting of comments on my post.

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I guess it doesn’t really matter which day it is, happy to hear you are building your SP😁

Sorry for the mindless comment downvoting on my post.

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This was a low month over the timeframe I covered. Perhaps people are holding liquid in case of a jump?

Sorry for the downvoted comment.

Bah, no worries man. Thanks for putting the time in to do these posts and enjoy the day out there.