I have Powered up ⚡

in spud •  11 months ago 

Hey Steemians

Its SPUD time and this one is 10th power up event so it's called spud x.

I have participated in SPUD X and powered up with 100 steem. This is a great initiative and it's started by @streetstyle and @xpilar

Here are the snapshots of my power up transactions.



We know that steem power play an important part in steem ecosystem so having it more gives more power so that we can extend our support to community with more vote value and through various actions like delegations etc.

I think having it on the first day of the month is right idea because we can use the extended power for the entire month and since there are some rewards as well in form of delegation that would make the month better with more power.

I support this initiative and have been powering up since thr beginning. I will also continue to participate in future as well.

Thank you so much.

NewSteem on!

Have a great weekend ahead.

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Thank you so much.

Nice one, 100 SP is a solid power up, keep it up!

Thanks my friend.

100 Steem is a good amount of power up. :)

Thank you so much.

Glad to see in with this..

It's really helped my voting power the last 2 months, tbh..

Such a great idea to keep us powering up too.. incentive!

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Thanks much.

Thank you for supporting the #spud movement @alokkumar121

Happy to support #spud Thanks @streetstyle