November SPUD

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It's 1st November and SPUD again. This is something started by @streetstyle, and although I don't qualify for his contest, I still think its a movement worth supporting.

Before I started my continuous power up in mid September, I had 10675 SP. Since then I've been powering up pretty much all my author and curation rewards, leaving just a small amount of Steem for emergency. I even dug deep into my Bittrex account this month and found some SBD which I hid away over a year ago. Back then, a friend's account got hacked and she lost quite a lot of SBD. I panicked a little and decided to transfer some funds out and then sort of forgot about it. The upside is when I transferred it back in this month I made some profit. That's the largest power up of 1400 SP below.


You might have noticed I power up in odd numbers, that's because I like to see my SP in multiples of ten or hundreds. I know that's a bit OCD and waste of time because the SP changes on a daily basis, but hey, we all have our little quirks and this is mine ^_^

Anyway, I just powered up 344 SP and now I have 14500 SP!!!
2019-11-01 (1)_edited.jpg

I would love to reach 20000 SP this year, but I think that's going to be a tall order. Let's see how far I can make it in the next two months.

Check out all my travel posts here on Steemit Worldmap, and also my latest project @LadiesOfAsia where we share fun and cultural diversity across Asia Pacific.

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I smiled at this @livinguktaiwan ...

"You might have noticed I power up in odd numbers, that's because I like to see my SP in multiples of ten or hundreds. I know that's a bit OCD and waste of time because the SP changes on a daily basis, but hey, we all have our little quirks and this is mine ^_^"

... as I do this when I pump gas into our vehicles. I like the final number to either end in 0 or 5, making my accounting "nice and tidy" ... While you are on the other side of the world, in a different culture, we share something in common. Haha! 😉

On a more serious note, I am impressed with your STEEM power-up. You appear to have considerable confidence in the future of our Steem blockchain!

I used to do that at petrol stations in UK as well, try to get to the nearest 10p or £, but then often over do it and it jumps to an extra penny, that was so annoying!!!

On the Steem power up, I do that because all the Steem is earned on Steemit, I have not invested any fiat at all. So in a way, this is a test to see how much I can make from nothing. If everything really belly up one day, I won't be financially worse off from when I started. My only lost would be the time I spent on Steem, which I probably would have wasted on other activities anyway ^_^

Wow @livinguktaiwan! That ...

"... I have not invested any fiat at all."

... is an impressive accomplishment! To have that much STEEM / SP in your account, from your hard work writing posts and curating.

I appreciate your example. I hope your numbers multiply greatly over the months and years to come! 😊

Thank you @roleerob 😊

@tipu curate

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Well, I beat you this month, but I bought a lot off Binance. If I had to guess I would say you have done quite well this spud month.

I probably won't be able to repeat it again because one third was from my hidden slush fund.

Wow, amazing Efforts @livinguktaiwan And yes, you can get to 20k but like you said it will take some serious effort, but in the end I think it will be worth it. Thank you for joining in supporting #spud Hope to see again for #spud8 Take care, and great moves btw!!

Thanks @streetstyle, and great initiative!

That's some seriously good going! I managed to get some steem in the mini dip yesterday off binance and got a mention from penguin Pablo! I'm also on a mission to get above 20k by the end of the year, could happen... Probably won't but a guy can dream!

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You never know, the Steem Fairy may pay us a visit for Xmas! Let's hope we both make it Nicky!

Well c'mooooon Steem Fairy 😁 keeping those fingers crossed for Dolphin Mark II 🐬

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