Not Just Spud, this is SPUD7

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Not Just Spud, this is SPUD7

Hi Steemian, how are you today? I hope you are healthy and creative to work.
SPUD will come soon and we will welcome it with our happiness.
We know in our reality spud is a kind of energy resource. We have known how good spud is. This delicious taste will give us great energy. It can be provision on the way. So practically cooked both in boiled, baked, cake can even be bolted. Everything tastes so delicious. All will be like the spud in various serve and taste

SPUD7 and practicality

As in our reality world, in this platform, this bockchain we can find SPUD. It nos just a spud. but it is more than spud.
SPUD stand for Steem Power Up Day. It is a movement in Steem to ask Steemian for supporting Steem with power up Steem into Steem power. This movement initiate by @streetstyle and get many support from other Steemian. Some of them become sponsor to provide prizes. The prizes is more 11,000 Steem in form delegation, SBI and giveaway.
The sponsor who involve in SPUD7 are @streetstyle, @xpilar, @sultan-aceh, @reflektor, @bippe, @hingsten, @improv, @traciyork, @stemit-nz, @pennsif, @davedickeyyall, and @tattoodjay.
If you want to join this movement and try to get more information you can check this post in this link.
Reaching the Heights of Another SPUD Pinnacle - PRIZES & RULES for 11-01-19 [steem] [blockchain] [ community]
This movement is so simple. We can support by post about #spud7, comment, upvote and of course we need to do power up on November 1.

Economy growth

Every Steemian can be a supporter. We can take a part as participants or sponsors. If you want to be a sponsor you need to contact @streetstyle.
As participants we have a chance to be a winner and get prize.
With prizes the we know SPUD can make economy growth in Steem.
This becomes important and beneficial for plankton, redfish and minnows. There is more value than just ordinary movements. SPUD becomes a pleasure, intimacy, charity and even a competition.
All will benefit greatly from participating in SPUD.

So what are you waiting for?

On november 1
Just Power Up!
Don't Power down!
Do not Sell or Transfer Steem
For showing your love and empathy for Steem

Warm regard from Indonesia

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thank you @rokhani for your support for SPUD

My plrasure, @xpilar. This initiative is great. @streetstyle make a flame and the sponsor include you abd your team add the fuel so that we can see flame of spud will bigger shine and warmth the cryptosphere.
Thank you for all your effort.
I am so glad to involved this movement.

Nice to hear, thanks @rokhani