Is it worth adding the tribe tags to posts?

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Ever since all the tribes have started to issue their tokens, I've been added a lot more tribe tags to my posts. I limit it to around 10 tags per post, and that includes the standard Steemit tags. I think anymore than that makes the post look really spammy. I cringe when I see some people adding like 20 tags to their post.

To be honest, I don't know what half of the tokens in my wallet are for. Most were air dropped to me or I received somehow through my posts. I only bought one , Triple A, which fortunately turns out to be a quite good investment.

So far I've concentrated on a handful only. @palnet of course, @creativecoin and @photo go hand in hand as I include a lot of images in my posts, @lifestyle fits the type of posts I write and @realityhubs because I can write my posts as reviews. Then there are the other generic tribe tabs like @zzan, @neoxian and @marlians. I'm sure there are more tags out there that I can add to my post, but there's gotta be a limit to how much I want to tag spam my post.

Anyway, the other day I was thinking, is it worth adding all these tags to my post? How much value do they add, if any at all? I decided to checkout a few of my recent posts, I figured 8 was a a good enough base. I tallied up the author payouts and converted it to Steem using todays rate from Steem Engine. The total for these 8 posts was 22.22 Steem.

And here's the breakdown by tokens.
2019-09-19 (3).png

Nearly one third of that 22 Steem comes from CCC. On average I get around 55 CCC per post, but it does range from less than 10 to 114. The average per post is worth 1 Steem at today's rate. Photo nets me average 0.7 Steem per post. I have started staking CCC very early on via my alt and today I've staked my photo tokens as well. I figured I might as well if I'm going to use it with CCC.

Realityhubs is a tricky one. I used it on 2 of the 8 posts only, and that netted me average 2.6 Steem per post. The official reality.curate account has only upvoted me on one of my very early post, at 2% and they say that if a post already has decent rewards it will not vote on it. I know my posts aren't rubbish as quite a few moderators pay me a visit nearly every time. To me that seems like a bit of weird logic from the tribe on not supporting good content. The other thing about the token, is that it has dropped quite significantly. Given the way it's going I'm not sure if they will be worth anything at all.

On the rest of the generic tokens, I'm definitely going to keep staking palnet even though they net around 0.4 Steem per post. I have confident they will be worth it, don't ask my why, I work on intuition.

This little excercise has given me a lot more clarity about what the tribe tokens are worth to me. I know what I'll be staking, and what I'm cool with if it tanks.

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Interesting post @livinguktaiwan. Like you, I get a number of these tokens and have yet to invest the time to even be clear about what they represent (if anything). In this "crazy" new digital asset world, I am familiar with Air Drops. Seems like that has become the accepted way to "market" whatever the value proposition is a new crypto represents.

What are your thoughts about SMTs? The little I have read about that, they seem to fundamentally represent more or less the same things as SE tokens. Except they'll be "driven" by code written into the blockchain itself.

So ... Will this functionality (once the long-promised day come when they are available ...) spawn a whole new set of communities? And will all of these currently existing SE token-based communities rush to create an SMT equivalent?

Tbh, I've never managed to understand exactly what SMT does (my little brain can't handle that😔) and how SE tokens differs from it. The only thing I heard is that SMT is more secure than SE tokens, but how ?

If you find a dummies guide, please let me know.

Well, we're somewhat in the "same boat" then @livinguktaiwan. I do know the difference is that SMTs [Smart Media Tokens], once available (next HF?), will be "built in" to the coding of the Steem blockchain itself vs. SE tokens just "sitting on top" somehow. My educated guess is that is the basis for deeming SMTs more secure.

On the other hand, I've read not being restricted to the blockchain code gives the SE tokens more "flexibility," but have read nothing which explains why this is a positive attribute.

Guess maybe we'll both find out (if it ever becomes important ...) soon enough!

Assuming SMT will be here soon ......

Which are the good ones for generic contents? Shall start to use them now. :)

Palnet, zzan, neoxian and marlians are the only generic ones I use, and lifestyle if I tweak my post to a lifestyle one. I've seen others use actnearn, mediaofficials, sct, jjm (these are the only ones I can remember) and a bunch of others as part of their 20 tags. Personally i doubt I will get much from all those tags so I prefer to have a life instead 😊

100% agree with you about the way realityhub Thinks about curation

The RHB feed is pretty dry at the moment so its not like the the tribe has a lot of undervalued quality content that needs to be suppported

They are worth using but seem to be a little forgotten with all the HF21 drama. It's like yesterday's news or something, I keep meaning on doing some kind of guide for newbies.

It's very overwhelming for them and this add yet more complexity.

Actually, I think after HF21 it become more important for authors with low payout as it can provide another source of crucial income. A guide would definitely be usefulnot only for newbies and oldies like me as well, there's a lot to take in and new things happening all the time!

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I know what you mean
I don't go more than 10 either
And work them accordingly
There are the pre-tokens communities that I'm a part of that I tag
Then the ones that fit in with the post if it is specific and like you the generic ones :)

At this rate with new tribes springing up all the time we could easily to over 10 very soon, that would be quite spammy

I see many already do that
I think it is unlimited on Partiko if not mistaken 😱

From my understanding, quite a few of these 'generic' tokens are just an alternative way of calling bots or paying for bids on posts. Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with this, but then again there is also nothing wrong with taking offense to this.

if it's to call bots, it doesn't seem to be working for me 😉

I... I didn’t even know you could go over 10 tags 🙃

I’ll admit though in my first week or two still wrapping my head around the community here works, I totally mistagged a post or two. I quickly stopped that, though! (Was muted by @noleo4u, which led me to research and realize STEEMLEO isn’t a general tag like PALNET - and should not be added to a photo post 😭😅)

You can on a lot of front ends, such as Busy, Steempeak , even allows ten tags. I rarely post from the tribe front end but i think they allow more than five as well.

I just learned yesterday on Pennsif's MSPwaves radio show about tribes that if you support a tribe you should be posting through their front end. I had no idea that was a thing!

I guess its more of a moral support because they spent so much effort to build the front end? I think unless they say you have to post through their front end otherwise you wont get the tribe rewards,then most people will post through their favourite front end or one that gives them the most rewards. I'm sure it will be difficult to drag you way from esteem!

By the way Melinda, I went to Downton Abbey over the weekend. It was so good to get a long dose of Downton!!!

You are right. I would rather stack ESTM tokens, as I already get far more benefit from them than I do from the other Tokens!

I will probably end up waiting until Downtown Abbey is on TV, as it is difficult for me to get to the cinema without assistance, but I am glad to hear that you liked it!