I am not depressed, i still have plans for the growth of steem.

Recently i began facing a battle. I have till december 31st to leave this house, yet i don't know where i am going! But in all of these things i am more than a conqueror.

I did the video twice because it got interrupted at first.

I want you to listen to what i have to say. I am willing to support you regardless of my troubles. Tell me about your vision, i will give my little support.

I am not here to send negative signals, i will motivate you.

I am always '@adesojisouljay', i can not loose in life. So i am a winner whether good or bad.

I hope to organise a meet-up in december but i am not buoyant. Please support me!

I hope to gather steemians from differnt part of ogun state for the meet-up so we can plan about the growth and development of steem in 2020.

Thanks to those who care.

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Wishing you all the best with your meet up, let’s get more Africans on steemit! I think it’s a platform we should be paying more attention to as we can make it our own unlike Facebook and these other American centralized systems

Yes brother.. Thank you