Rome wasn't decentralized in a day!

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I've been toying with this idea for a little while. It seems to have a lot of layers to it that I like. I think it hits on a little conspiracy, some overall timelines, and also implies the ethos.


As I've looked into it I think we're living in a dystopia of Babylonian and Roman origin. Maybe toss some Egyption sects into that too. There's lots of things going wrong and it's hard to pin down, but I think a fair amount of these systems go back to ancient times and likely ancient families. The phrasing of "Rome wasn't decentralized in a day" points back to Rome as what's getting decentralized. On it's surface it's just a meme on "Rome wasn't built in a day," but at the meta layer it's implying what's getting deconstructed one block at a time.


The blockchain and cryptocurrency movement I don't think is dying any time soon. It's infecting more brains every day, but it's also a slow process filled with these boom and bust cycles. It's slow going. So, it's just a quick reminder that what's getting decentralized likely took thousands of years by powerful colluding forces to put together. It's not going to change to a Utopia overnight.


Regardless if you care about the timeline or the conspiracy aspect you probably care about decentralizing the world. Let's stop having an oligarchy of stateless billionaires that get their primarily through theft, collusion, and black markets. Instead let's have a society of actual economic and social freedom. Choices... it's cool again.

Neat phrase

Anyway, the point to me is that this little riff on a thousand year old slogan seems like it could resonate with a lot of people and explain what we're doing here on the Steem blockchain.

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I am always one for some healthy conspiracy. And if we are talking about the monetary and power control systems, which have been hammered, folded, and forged over millennia the evidence of collusion and oppression at the top continues to stack up.

Whether it be empires, kingdoms, dictatorships, corporate conglomerates, etc. they are but a different side of the same coin. Those at the top (centralized players) maintain the same objectives regardless of the model, and those revolve around influence (manipulation), power (oppression), and growth (invasion) at all expense necessary. Since all things must come from somewhere, the cost of such objectives have historically always been placed on the masses as that is the biggest resource pool there is.

I do think that as a human being some form of influence and growth is very healthy with driving one towards achieving more. But these do not need to come at the cost of fellow human beings. Through decentralized and collaborative based system (like blockchain) we can flip the original model on its head, and prove that there is an alternate way to prosper. Hell that was the original goal of democracy to decentralize the power amongst constituents. While perhaps one of the better governance models we may have, it is still highly prone to collusion, manipulation and exploits on many levels. It's been happening for quite a while which is why as an American I feel we are seeing such strange division, chaos and Orwellian like behavior.

"Let's stop having an oligarchy of stateless billionaires that get their primarily through theft, collusion, and black markets. Instead let's have a society of actual economic and social freedom. Choices... it's cool again."

@aggroed, if ya really think about it though, the only reason there is a black market is because the states they control create them.

Do away with the state, do away with the problem.

I don't know where you fall, but I would encourage you to consider the market anarchist position, if you haven't already. ;)

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All roads, will eventually, lead to everywhere.


You might very much enjoy reading Biohistory. It can be downloaded from the author's site.

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Nobody has experienced or seen ancient Rome, let's talk present reality rather than the same "Old Rome story" which has nothing to prove.

When in Rome...

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Nice though. Blockchain and decentralization are helpful for a much more fair and transparent society. There are many influential people who would not want that to happen. Probably that is why it is taking so long for people to adapt this wonderful technology.

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@aggroed, When we are building something which is long term then building process takes time and then we will going to see the long lasting fruitful results.

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All roads may lead to Rome but true love travels on a gravel road

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illuminati confirmed