Are Steem blockchain and dapps facing some problems?

in hive-167922 •  3 months ago 

Greetings steemians!

Since previous day (2nd Feb 2020), I experienced some strange things on Steem. Yesterday, Steem and steem related dapps were not working for me. Gaming platforms like Splinterlands, holybread were not working. They are working now but is not working since then. Steemauto (automatic voting tool) is also not working as I could not see any upvote of me on other's posts. What may be the reason?

Is it the result of some bugs in the system or is it the result of selling of SteemInc to Tron founder, I am not sure about it. If it is because of some other reason then it is a matter of concern for us as it is the matter of safeguarding of our investment on Steem.
Are you experiencing the same things too or is it because of some local network problem? Please let me know.

Thank you!

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