Daily Report Update And Splinter Land Game Experience Day 50

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Hello friends, how are you all doing today thanks so much for stopping by. You are welcome to today’s update report, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

Thank God is Friday, the weekend is already here time really flies like they say. I quickly want to drop a report of how today went.
Actually I did not wake up as early as I use to probably because today is Friday and we are in the weekend already, I had a rough day yesterday and so it affected me this morning. After morning devotion today I quickly had some little push up to keep my body warm and fit for today’s activities.

I quickly had to feed the chicks in the morning because I know I would be having a very busy day, I gave them their food and water and also cleaned up their cage they have to be healthy at all times to become strong and fit for consumption. After their meal I quickly freshened up because I had an appointment to attend with my colleague. On our way we saw a police man who was arguing with some groups of men who were not putting on their nose marks, and the funniest thing is that the police officers were also not putting on a nose mark and so they were arguing who is right and wrong.

And I looked at my colleague we laughed over it, but honestly looking at this scenario the police officers are not keeping the law, they are supposed to uphold and follow the law but the reverse Is the case.
I got the fire splinter to complete today’s game which I did and I got my rewards after completion.
Opera Snapshot_20200525_223044_steemmonsters.com.png

Thanks so much for stopping by today to check on today’s post, I appreciate your efforts and time spent on the post. Until I come your way again tomorrow stay safe and bye for now.

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