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Every month we all get the opportunity to see how our steemjourney is coming along, and with the low price of steem You want to see all your other achievements. And with steem at $0.18 its the best moment to #SPUD again. But that i will do later. First i had @abh12345 draw my monthly results in this blog

Its the first complete month under the new 'rules' of HF21/22, which means the personalised review of Septembers interactions and finances on Steem, that will give all the information needed to step up your game or turn things around.

That will be different for everyone, i dont know yet, last 5 weeks been pretty hard and although many will not see that in the amount of blogs i made, but could have in the content of the blogs. Hard times make you blog different and money isnt all that when real life knocks on your door ; hard. Offcourse i would like to have made more steem and i would have liked steem be up in the sky, but thats not the real deal so, if you dont like that well, sayonara.......


#STAT 1.



#STAT 2.


Some of my stats;

In august I made 100 blogs and in september 72 blogs.

1125 comments with 329233 text characters in august against 802 comments with 279491 text characters in september.

In August 37 tag categories and 46 tag categories in september, i like being diverse and its showing.

Tags are important and shows my or your wide interest in what is happening on this blockchain.

I talked to @chrismadcboy the most in august and in september that were @adalger and @wwwiebe, all guys,

hope that hubs doesnt mind.......

Finances , well not the brightest view but really ok considering, i made 170sp in August and 154sp in September.



Thank you for stopping by, its highly appreciated, and please let me know your vision on steemit life in general.

Please remember, Focus on Being creative instead of being busy !

  • “Consistent Actions Create Consistent Results”
  • “Not everyone is a blogger but everyone has something great to offer"

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Lover of Life and L❤️ve in General - @brittandjosie

I fully support witness and developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support them, they would appreciate your vote here.

They build Steemify, a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.
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Sources used : My own private stock collection, Pixabay and Pexels and with others its mentioned in my blog.

I would like to thank You for Reading my blog but Feel free to leave me any feedback.

If you want to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal

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I actually never looked deep into my stats so far, but I think I should do a comparison also at the end of this month. Might be interesting to see how they change .. I already know that I can not reach your level of different tags .. not even close, hehe ^^ .. have a nice weekend over there in the neighbouring country !

Well you can always ask @ abh12345 and it will show a lot. Always interesting and the different tags, I love searching for new groups and contests it’s a bit of a competition..... and indeed almost weekend! Blog to you soon, ohhhh yes a new tag #blogtober

Nice image to present the post, and thanks for the publicity :D


Keep on stacking and you will be dolphining in no tine!

I might have to go check my stats as well I suppose. I can’t have all my fish friends swimming away on me!

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Go and see what the after fork did for you

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This looks so awesome. I'd like to know my own stats but I didn't quite understand that part. How can I do it?

You go to the blog by @ abh12345 and ask in the comments, i put it in this blog above the images.
Good luck

Interesting stats, even though you posted less your earnings were not too down. Keep on steeming!

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Hello Britt!

Its really hard to accept that we have a real world out there. and yes

Hard times make you blog different and money isnt all that when real life knocks on your door ; hard.

I too am experiencing my own version of " winter" and, yeah. its really a bummer. so, I will just start by writing whatever for now.

It's been interesting to start seeing some of the stats comparing old steem to new. Though for a lot of us it is hard to really have a spot on comparison unless you are really consistently engaging in the same ways month to month. I know life gets in the way for me sometimes, too, so I don't always post as much or get to curate. I'd be curious to see some specific stats, but so far I think my curation rewards have definitely gone up since the fork. :)

The chart suggests they have :)

Well look at that! The charts don't lie. Thanks for being such a Steem wizard @abh12345!

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This is neat, @btittandjosie. I love metrics. It gives you an opportunity to evaluate what you are doing well and what you need to do better or differently. I hope @abh12345 doesn’t get too overwhelmed! Off to ask for my report!

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Including all my accounts...

Finally, abh12345 upvoted you 30 times in September 2019!

You are the bee’s knees, @abh12345! (Along with all of your doppelgängers. Ha ha.) Thank you for all you do.

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They are busier than I thought :) Thank you!