Innovation Game - Outflank your competitors

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When most people think about innovation, they imagine investors in their basements or coders in their dorm rooms creating the future of technology out of thin air. But new products and technologies are only part of the innovation game. Every aspect of a business is open to innovation, and many industry leaders entrepreneurs started by finding areas for creative improvement that their larger competitors ignored.

New technologies, products, and services are only part of the innovation game
Strategic business leaders and entrepreneurs know that innovation can be practically found anywhere take steemit, for instance, there are new services being built on steem's very own blockchain, how wonderful is that?

Innovation surrounds you


Look beyond the core assumptions of the industry to find disruptive opportunities example: (STEEMIT) Look beyond where every other entrepreneur is pouring their resources. Instead, outflank your competition by finding creative and efficient new advancements form the side.

In an emerging personal computer industry focused on techies, Apples CEO carved a place for itself by focusing on design, marketing, and customer experience instead.

In a taxi industry focused n delivering an old service with new vehicles, startup Uber crushed many traditional players by focusing on delivery channels in the new world. Which led to Lyft and Uber eats to even postmates.

Now a more recent event in a space industry barely changed since the good old 1960's Elon Musk is busy trying to change the world by questioning the unquestioned, and this process is open for everyone with the right attitude.

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With STEEM's Blockchain, you can work on the sidelines while a handful exhausted their resources head on.

They made it first, you can make it better

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