I Always Pray For My Facial Bone Overgrowth Because Of Leontiasis To Get Smaller 🦁🦴💊😷

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Under The Surgical Mask Cloak

You can never see me outside without a face mask, a surgical mask to hide my appearance. People young and old really are so curious of what I look that they as always rubberneck, stare, point, and talk to each other pointing me out. I really feel uneasy now with other people and in fact I always decline to accept visitors now from my former classmates to my church brethren.

One of my friends had visited me and I guess that he just as curious as others on how I look. SO I allowed him about more than a year ago and now he doesn't visit me anymore. So my guess was true and with that I am just careful whom I would allow to see me and at this time, none.


People Ridicule My Looks Because I Look Ridiculous

That is how it affects me with my appearance alone, it is just here at steemit that I am freely exposing my face night and day so others would learn about my condition and my ordeal in my everyday life and of course at the same time earn so that I could be able to sustain my immediate medical needs.

I am wishing still that my facial bone to recede a bit but it actually did that which is why I could be understood now with my speech. My speech impediment is not that so bad now so I am happy with that. I also could press my lips now which enabled me to sing hymns when we have a small church gathering here in the house plus I could also eat and drink upright although with difficulty still because of the bone overgrowth inside my mouth.


I Never Lose Hope Because There Is Always A Miracle From God

My Parathyroid medicine had done that which is why I am still taking it until now even though it causes me a great deal of appetite loss and nasty nauseous aftertaste in my moth. It is the reason I would eat some fruit after taking it just to wash off some of those bad aftertaste.

I know that there is another great possibility for me to receive another miracle from God but of course I have to do my other side of the bargain by looking for ways to improve my life. I think I had found it by a way of steeming because this for the moment is what I could do to earn and have the possible funds to make my dreams of surgery a reality.


Steem Community Is A Miracle In My Prodigal Life

My appearance is the least of my worries because right now it is my body's function that I wanted to get normal and my appearance could be just in the last of the list even though my face is so important to me because it means another life with some social aspects into it. I can socialize now but only online like here at steem community.

So I am praying that God would will it for my Leontiasis condition to not get worse because it not only would affect my appearance but also my pains to get worse as well which I could not imagine how grave it would be It would surely intensify plus I could be coined as Mr. Breakable because of a very weak bone.


Now I Take Around 12,000 I.U. Of Vitamin D3 And 75 mcg Of Vitamin K2

But I am still positive of what efforts that I am doing like my new regimen of taking vitamin D3 and K2 which would help me absorb calcium more than it leaches out from my bones. If it does happen and I pray it would, then I will get to see that the pains would alleviate as well as the stiffness.

Exercise is out of the question because I will not only risk myself with injury or fracture which I am praying not to happen, it also wears me out maybe because of my prolonged stay here in my bed. So again if God wills it for my pains to heal I will consider to give my limbs a therapy so that at least I could go in the bathroom on my own.


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I really wish steem can help with your medical bills. I really liked your writing, I hope some day a can write as good as you.