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There are quite a number of steemit friends that are active last 12 months ago but now they are not even posting one blog post a week. I could understand why because maybe of the steem price, or it could be their frustration of not getting enough upvotes or maybe none for that matter, or it could be just a total burn-out meaning they do not know what to post.

It could be well the combination of the three factors or maybe something that I overlooked like failed expectations, frustrations, and such could be the reason. I must say that not all people can blog, most cannot even compost a few paragraphs even though they are professionals in the "real" world.

Well for whatever reason it is like meeting a friend and then they left you not to be seen or contacted again. I just have to live with it and accept the fact that they have given up on posting and appearing here in steem community because again of the said reasons.


We Need STEEM DAPPS The Solves Human Problems

Now there are some other options to enjoy steem like the digital card game #splinterlands AKA #steemmonsters where you buy cards and then do battles with it and of course you would win cards and steem. That is why we need more decentralized apps (DAPPS) like that so we can cater more users that could use steem based on their interests other than just blogging which may seem cumbersome to do for most people.

Now that takes a bit more time to happen as developers would emerge soon and let themselves indulge in the owrld of steem to create dapps that would basically solve some human needs like games, services, gambling, etc.

Some had been developed and are being used already by steemians like #actifit to monitor their progress on how many steps they already had done in a certain place and time. So that is just one, and the key here is to identify what people needs and then build a dapp for that. Certainly people would use it especially if they would get rewarded with steem and with that we could retain people in the steem community.

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drugwars & steemmonsters has kept me to the steem chain! :)

Because it is constrained by the time @cryptopie, or it may be because they no longer remember the steem key they have.

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Actually looking at it, the steem price is frustrating or should I say can be frustrating for some people. But holding on is the key to it. I believe steem will rise

I completely agree.

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I agree with what you're saying here, both about dapps, and I've also experienced friends leaving, especially from the creative writing community. To be honest, there isn't really a creative writing (short fiction and poetry) community left... just me and a handful of others 😒

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I want to get back into creative writing. I usually go back and forth between fiction and non-fiction writing and right now I am smack dab in a non-fiction mood. that is not to say non-fiction can't be creative.

where do you post to? under what tags? I will start working on a few short stories if I can help out the writing community on here.