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Do you have a problem trying to manage your #steem-engine tokens? I am currently managing several accounts of my family, and the amount of airdropped token is everywhere. Many of them are still worthless. You'll be saying, they might be good in future, why not keep them? My fear is, I'm afraid not. Having them at the wallet is just a dead weight to me right now. I will have to spend time digging which is the one I need to keep, and the list of new token is growing by the day. If you can't read any token on the screenshot below, don't worry about it, neither can I read them. I assume your daily actively posting accounts will have the same number of different tokens appear with little value.


Fear not! Our @ericet brought you a super convenient way to one stop cleaning all your unwanted tokens, selling all selected tokens at the nearest offer. Please proceed to below links for further action.

Page: https://ericet.github.io/cleanMyTokens/
Code: https://github.com/ericet/cleanMyTokens

Simple user guide

1. Keyin your user ID


2. Select item

A tick in the check box is the token you are going to sell. If you wish to keep which particular token, uncheck that box

3. Authorize

Please double confirm, check and recheck which are the token you wish to keep. In my case I choose to sell all. Paste your active key into the Active Key column.

4. Clean them

Hit the clean up button, and you'll be able to see those tokens sell at market demand. If buy order not available for that particular item, then it will not be sell.

5. Tadaaaaa

From here, you'll be able to see all the tokens being sold.

No more buttache finding which tokens is which. Note that there's one item did not sell, simply meaning there's no buy order. Should I be happy? Well, I don't know. It shows $0.11 seems like pretty good price, but there's nobody wanted to buy. We will discuss on trading mentality when we're back. Let's just stick to introducing an efficient tool to help everyone to cut down time of managing tokens.

Thank note:

Special thanks to @ericet once again, for providing such comprehensive tool for fellow steemians to manage their SE tokens. Without this, getting rid of tokens from portfolio can be pain in the backside. It doesn't have to be pretty, as long as it's efficient.

On a side note, I'd like to highlight, most if not all the tribes wallet can do one click claim all tokens, so as @steemworld. Another thing is, one click stake all. So, one can actually use a tribe wallet to claim all, and then use Clean My Steem-Engine Token tool to get rid of the unwated tokens, before go back to Steemworld to one step stake all.

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On the other hand, I take Neoxian Silver delegations and repay in SPINVEST Tokens! I too find that I'd rather just sell most of the tokens I get... YMMV!
Cool concept @davidke20 and @ericet 👍💪

Any short cut to claim the rewards too? So many to claim every day, plus one by one is time-consuming...

Holy cow! This is so cool!!
Thanks a bunch!

Nice work! Thanks!
I dare not look at my just in case I get a headache!

well then, get rid of them them 😎

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Well, you'll need to talk to the steem-engine team who supposed to listen to the customers.

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