[Steem talk] Pickup #drugwars again

in steem •  9 months ago  (edited)

As I was composing this post, I'm actually starting my browser, getting ready to check my #drugwars since I left them about 36 hours ago. Don't know what will happen to them.

Whilst I was waiting for the freaking browser to pop up with the suggestion tab, you know #drugwars has always been the number one since months ago, let's talk about why that 36 hours? Over the weekend, I did spend some good time with the family, had more time to workout, and decided I really need to start to stop playing too much. I did a rough calculation, timing my gaming time with #drugwars, man they took more time than I made 3 quality posts, each with 1000 words and photograph attachment. 1 account I need to arrange about 10 minutes time, and I need to take care of 15 accounts for friends and family. Dude, that's like 150 minutes! 2.5 hours time just to arrange all the stuff. And some of those accounts are not even performing well and often getting attacked by others, has very low defense level. Here it comes, the first login. I'm nervous.

Checked one account, seems survived. Nothing serious happen here. The only thing happen is, all the resources slightly overflow.

So, looks like the next best thing I can do is to protect all the individual resources.

One of the account got raid, which has less defense power

Seriously, it's not fun anymore since the game has included too many new addition, and I don't even wanna dig into it anymore. I think, keep on building more storage, I can increase my idling time as much as possible, so I don't need to check back often.

Today, I only spend about slightly over an hour and completed everything. It felt much less pressure this way. Just forget about winning, come in for the numbers. Does it and leave. No emotion.

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Are you bored? Play Rock,Paper,Scissors game with me!

I used to play this game in it's early moments, but it is too poorly managed by the team behind it... Got tired and just stopped playing since there was no fun form me anymore

A lots of ego still going on in there😂

I imagine, pyeploe there just get fired out with almost nothing

It's exactly like real world in there. The only difference is, subject matter aren't real, but the emotion, the ego, the greed and fear, all real. Imagine in real world entrepreneurship going on, there are several people doing the same kind of supply in the same town, and one of them being bigger having more capital, then he stock up cheap and low quality paper, and selling them at the cost price or even below his cost. That will wipe out all of his opponent, and what happen after that is, it became monopolized and the only paper supplier can dictate the price of the paper he decided. But what the paper tycoon forgot to consider is, the actual paper money is devalued ahead before he convert his commodities to income. You stayed in the country that faces hyperinflation, you definitely know how this works.

Now back to the game, no matter how they try to monopolize the drug production, the big boys are attacking the whole community, raising every accounts be it with or without production, what they really want is the DWD token. The last I sold my tokens, they're worth $0.04, yesterday I checked, it worth 0.02steem 😂😂😂

To me, it doesn't really matter anymore.

What the devs from the game lack is the wisdom to grant a role to the small players. It's not a easy task to accomplish though.

People there usually just bully other players just for the fun of it lol

Is this game still alive? Haven't seen many posts lately.

I think the actual user already dropped below 1000. Most if not all of my accounts are within top 200. One of the account top 100. Daily income for the accounts are like 0.001steem 😂

So it's a waste of time you wanted to say 😁

It's a game in the end, and when it's monetized, that's the value that decide whether it worth spend time, not the fun of it anymore. However, what left behind like myself is I like the math part of the game, so doesn't really matter about the time spent. I just wanted to find a faster way to deal with it rather than sitting there all night just to come up with 1 million can make how many army.

I don't mind games but the truth is there's not much time for them anymore.

I don't mind games but
The truth is there's not much time
For them anymore.

                 - erikah

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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