[Steem talk] Spam comment to fight spam

in steem •  8 months ago  (edited)

Further from yesterday's event where I discovered 20 bots making automated, low quality, possibly plagiarized photographs with altered filter and frame size, and today it still continue!

By the time I looked at it, I did informed the curator to be very careful, but still the votes gone in due to some glitch with the automation. I'm kinda frustrating seeing all this. Seriously, it's quite slow to navigate since vote/unvote/flag all needed confirmation if not being automated.

Anyway, I spend some half an hour sitting here, waiting for the unvote done and carry on with the next one. If you do not know, unvote meaning revoting it as 0 vest, because we can't take back whatever vest has been distributed based on our voting power and RC according to the Mvest generated from our existing SP.

After the unvote, and then another long haul of downvote, which put a negative mVest command towards the post. Regardless, upvote or downvote. A vote is a vote, it takes time to calculate, generate vest and send to the post. So, another half an hour gone just to wait for it to go through. I found myself fall asleep several times waiting for the downvote goes in.

Here we go, recheck all my outgoing downvotes. Note that I blanco one of the line because that was an upvote done automatically for an author whom I'm supporting.

And finally, I'm spamming comment in the hope SFR will take action against all these. Hopefully this will put a full stop to all this crap.

I am pausing my trail vote now since I myself has a trail where some of the accounts from 2017 where the owner no longer active in blogging, but they had a curation trail following behind me. I can withdraw my vote, but I can't do that on their behalf. So what's more can I do now is, stop the trail vote to avoid further benefit to these rogue robots.

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