[tupid Diary] Alternative Tiramisu

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Hello hello party people! It's been awhile since I went crazy and start making desserts. Since today is the queen's birthday, and she specifically requested a Tiramisu, I better deliver!

As we drove to Ipoh town, only I figured out around my area has absolutely no way to find butter finger! So, in the end resort to milk biscuit.

First, throw all the biscuit into a huge container, then crush them into trillion pieces(sorry I didn't even count, merely exaggerating). Then I split them equally(did I? not too sure, I weight by my hand).

Then, start pouring coffee liqour onto the biscuit crumbs so it can absorb. If you are afraid of the coffee too strong, you may add an extra espresso shot or americano depending on how dilute you want.

Not forgetting, we need a pack of Mascarpone Cheese. It's a different kind of cream cheese, believe this is sour cream category? You just can't eat it on it's own, it actually taste disgusting due to the greasiness. However, it's the most important ingrediant in making Tiramisu.

Apply mascarpone on to the soaked crumbs and start spreading them evenly.

Usually I like to use dessert fork to spread the mascarpone, but I believe the best tool to do this task is by finger, but that would be too disgusting. So I proceed with using a soup spoon, works pretty well too.

Then sprinkle cocoa powder on to of the mascarpone. I suggest you do this in the basin, so afterwhich when the sprinkle done, the cocoa dust will be everywhere. If you're in the sink, it's easy to clean up. But do make sure you pull the water tap away to avoid accident. What if you sprinkle half way and water busted out of the tap and you're seriously screwed.

Pleas be generous on the cocoa powder sprinkle, you will not regret this. Do not worry about the flatness of surface, because pretty soon this layer will be covered again.

Again, another stack of milk biscuit is going to be crushed, soaked, covered with mascarpone and being dust sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Once done crushing the biscuit, pour them on the previously sprinkled cocoa powder. At this point you'll be asking, why still need to sprinkled since it's going to be overwritten by the crumbs again, why bother?

The lower layer of cocoa powder is not only for decoration, one of the main important role it works as a taste enhancer, to boost up the mocha taste into the cake since it was a coffee liquor dessert.

Soak the second layer with Kahlua again, and once again, if you wanted this to be gentle, just add mroe coffee and blend your own recipe of coffe to liquor ratio.

And finally, I spread the whole mascarpone onto the second layer of milk biscuit crumbs.

Do not be gentle with the cocoa powder, it's not that expensive and it's required to bring up the value of this Tiramisu. So, don't go too easy on the cocoa powder!

And finally don both. Put them into the fridge for atleast 4 hours so the liquor may completely absorbed by the crumbs.

Well, this is the final product. It's ofcourse not as good as the original recipe, and for the matter I didn't even use any measuring tool. Basically I just crush whatever amount of biscuit I have and start assembling them together. I hope you enjoy this alternative tiramusi recipe, and I hope to share with you more in the future.

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Well, I think I have to make this one with local product :)

Boleh saja. You can replace the coffee liquor with normal coffee and add sugar.

It looks good I use the (leftover) kruidnoten for it instead of these biscuits. They are more spicy. Officially you should not use Marie biscuits at all. Those you need we feed to babies and are covered with sugar and cheap. Way better as the German kinds.
Cocoa is expensive here though. I wonder what you pay for it.

Btw you ate this too? This is calories!
Congrats to the birthday queen! 💕

Too bad, I ran through the whole town but couldn't find the butter finger biscuits. In the end, replaced it with milk biscuit.

Yeah I had a portion yesterday and another portion today.p

@davidke20 Cake works great too 😁 I envy you but therefore I ate baked rice and probably gained 2 pounds. Still I liked it. The children can have the rest today.

Me losing weight is the hardest thing to do. 😫