Start Accepting STEEM & Crypto Payments with CoinPayments!

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Number of blockchain wallet users is growing at a rapid pace. Soon it will start taking an exponential turn. screely-1575872316977.png


If we want to see crypto mainstream, common people should start using it other than HODLing it forever. For that to happen, businesses(companies & individual) should start accepting payments in crypto.

is your answer to this problem. Online merchants i.e. E-commerce store owners and freelancers can now easily accept crypto payments by using Coinpayments Intergration services for free. They are offering cart plugins for most of the web-cart apps out there like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart etc.


Online Merchants

Over 1720 Altcoin options to choose from. You can accept all 1,720 supported coins or just one.

You will blown away by the amount of Merchant Tools they have provided, just look:


It's basically everything you could ask for from a perfect Crypto Payment Integrator. You can customize your process as per your own will since there are enough options.

Payment Features

My favorite ones are their quick POS which helps in immediate payments & Auto coin conversion that saves time and money in order to convert your coins to another crypto.


Store Directory

Coinpayments has partnered with Cryptwerk to create a comprehensive

Cryptocurrency Store Directory

Anyone can potentially target crypto community by adding their store to the directory. Registration for a new store is totally free.

Fee Structure

If all the services are free then how do they make money? There is a fees on the transactions happening through their payment & wallet services. They have claimed to be an industry leader in low fees. I am sure if you become a big business in the future and doing lots of daily transactions, they will cut down the fees a little bit. It's a numbers game after all. ;)


Apart from all above, there are other features listed on their website which I couldn't understand but they seem to know what they are doing. Pretty Credible!


Ideas on How STEEM Can Shine on CoinPayments

Following can be done by STEEM Community in order to make full use of this service:

  • Start accepting STEEM for your e-commerce store through CoinPayments and register it on their Store Directory for extra exposure to the Crypto Community.
  • Freelancers like me can accept payments for their services in STEEM and thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Since STEEM only takes 3s to complete the transaction, it will automatically become the preferred choice for other folks too.
  • Go buy some cryptocurrency cards with CoinPayments and make sure you use STEEM while purchasing. ;)
  • I haven't seen their official account on STEEM but let's get them on the blockchain if we can. Just imagine if they link their STEEM profile on their website with other social media websites.
  • Share this article on twitter or with anyone you know who falls in any of the above category. ;)

If you liked this blog, please consider creating a CoinPayments account with my affiliate link, I will earn a percentage of your CoinPayments transaction fees without costing you anything extra. I hope more and more businesses see this and actually enable clients/buyers to spend their cryptos.

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Nice idea man. I'll sign up and check it out.
Paycent also added steem to their debit card as well. That was some good news

Awesome buddy. That's great News. More partnerships xD

We use them for Splinterlands.

That's cool @aggroed. I am blown away by the number of features they are providing. I hope they are serving you guys well enough.

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Good news

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