I Gave Away Rewards Worth ~4000 STEEM Between Xmas and New Year.

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I do this every year just this time it was more organized as i had a tag and was superb creative in every contest so they would not be boring. I like when old year ends and new year starts with money for the people.

I share loads of giveaways all the year when i find them online as my readers know, but in this time of the year, i run my own ones.


Started with 2 slight ones off steemit and then from exactly 25th aka day after Xmas i went with daily contests on here.

Total valid entries: 52

All rewards:

10000 NEOXAG
100 USD of Splinterlands
840 STEEM in taverngames
3000 EXCL
5 premiums of 3speak

At todays rates around 3265 STEEM total if you converted everything but keep in mind alts got hit a lot due to currency BTC run so during giveaways it was probably worth more from the prices changed on few things i think maybe even by 500 STEEM+.

Donors of some rewards

Thanks to @neoxian - @theycallmedan of https://3speak.online - @yabamatt of SteemMonsters - https://taverngames.io/


Based on the rewards and ease of getting them there should be more users but few whales kept flagging all the contests so they were visible only to people who follow me if they don't follow too many + during this time of the year at least half of people is not home. But there is a good part.
Almost all people that entered got something from the reward pool so for those its better.
If the prize depends on a number of participants the less is of them then better for those who enter.


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In fact people who won @taverngames contest got higher prizes than chest worthiness :)

true.. and thats good for them ;)

I cannot understand why people don't reply, is there a catch? or we reach low user interactivity, as I haven't been around in the last year, please explain if not too much trouble.
Also, I'm quite happy to see giveaways and a good heart between our community.
Let's make steam home again :D

no idea. people are so lazy they dont want free money? yet they ask for free upvotes worth a lot less all time... wth ;)

Idk I'm too lazy to comment usually, also I would comment on content that I enjoy watching/reading. I don't really find enjoyable content on this page, but I still hang around here because I have learned to love the community

fair enough ;)

Don't get me wrong, I respect the content you all make (I actually make the same content on this website). But the content I actually enjoy watching on the internet comes from Youtube / Reddit / Twitter, because there is such a big variety of creators, and there are topic about stuff I like more (Like video game clips or funny memes)

I appreciate all your hard work on here. You are one active chap on the chain and your competitions are excellent. If only I had the time to enter them all.

thanks man! i did loads of hard work over all those years

Look at you hitting rep 80. I only just noticed.

Honestly...your kind of person is rare, so thank you for making Steem a better place. Just followed you.

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enjoy man, i am doing my best

Yea...God bless you

Ill take free moneys!

-Cheers Kc

take also the monkeys!

nice and cool action you do every year!

cheers and a little bit of !BEER 🤠

yay love beer!

Hey @kingscrown, here is a little bit of BEER from @reiseamateur for you. Enjoy it!

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wow, thank you! @mcfarhat wasnt needed but of course appreciated.

sadly people like acidyo kill this platform making contests and giveaways hidden on main page. or they join their own giveaways as contestants https://steemit.com/teamocd/@ocd/team-ocd-steem-weekend-tournament-results-community-announcement and win top prizes

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