Nice Pumps on STEEM and Some Alts Today

in steem •  9 months ago 

So while people were crying over Bitcoin action today was a pretty good day for some altcoins which gained nice pumps during the day.

If we look at 7 days return rates it also looks good.

Bitcoin "Clones" Also Pumped Today


STEEM Chart of Today

1880 with nice volume (the candles on the bottom) shows some cool price action here.

STEEM Markets

Keep eye on VCC Exchange here as it shares books with Upbit/Bittrex but does not need documents to register. Amazing thing. GET ACCOUNT NOW
Avoid HitBTC scam. Huobi is great but needs full AML and id verfification.

And since most of the people were not here 2-3-4 years ago a good moment to remind a song made here on Steemit about crypto on a contest of my buddy.


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Ran across this today. Nice to see it! Nice info on the exchanges as well. Good to see you. Been a while!

enjoy man!

LTC back over $50 make me happy.

LTC is my #1 love


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thank you!

Great news

sure are :)

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