Sum of giveaway/aidrop channel on my STEEM/Crypto Community Discord

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As you can be aware in the last days of 2019 i gave away in contests around 4000 STEEM worth of rewards.
I do those actions every year just this year it was more professional with own tag, counting, treads with final winners etc. If you want to join CLICK HERE NOW before you forget ;)

But also every year i do a summary of aidrops&giveaways channel on my Discord which is for STEEM (with dedicated chans as most of it is about STEEM) and mainly crypto trading + some offtopic stuff like beer.

So I've found some time and checked what could you get just by sitting on that chan.


So, of course, there were Infos about some huge giveaways/contest where 1 can win ie 10k USD 1million USD (in theory, normally 10k USD), 5 BTC, 1 BTC, etc but those i don't count as its impossible to win/you'd have to have super luck so while members entered those i cannot count them as average winnings.
Yet those were more doable, im adding here from many contests to just show how much per token

  • 10 HT
  • 0.88 XZC
  • 68 EXCL
  • 92 USDT
  • cryptokittie (small chance for good one)
  • binance hoodie (small chance but doable)
  • 100 USD of ANX
  • 300 USD of BNB (and 500 USD of BNB but that would need super luck)
  • 10-20 TTC
  • shuffle token
  • halfway token
  • 15 BTC of USD

So if we average this that you entered not everything and few times didn't win or did something wrong still generally every user should have at least:

  • some shuffle and halfway tokens
  • 5-10 USD of ANX
  • 10 TTC (trades Bittrex ie)
  • 10 USD of BNB
  • 3 HT (Huobi Token)
  • 5 USDT
  • 10 EXCL


Not bad just for sitting in channel + share of that 4000 STEEM on top + infos we do on pumps and trades, hmm?

I love when new year starts as i can sum up stuff from old year and i love those stats ;)

Hope 2020 Will Be Even Better for Us!

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Very generous of you!

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thanks ;)

hmmm... maybe we should do a give away of some QUEST NFT's

i can host it

i mean i can host it, kingsmind is for movie reviews and lifestyle ;)

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This is awesome of you

thank you!